#SOL20 Day 1 Welcome to Coffee With Chloe

I give up.

I thought maybe after last year she wouldn't do this silly challenge again. I mean, she wrote, like what, 3 whole days?

And seriously. She didn't write for months!

I loved it!

But then she started again in this little book. Not very much at first, so I was OK with it. But now, she's writing like EVERY DAY! What's up with that?

I'm 9 1/2 now (almost 10!) and Mom and I retired a few years ago. But we both work once in a while. I still have to chase that dang squirrel and a neighborhood cat from the yard. And that man that comes snooping around the house every day, well, I keep him away too.

Mom told me the other day that she was going to do this challenge again. I guess it's OK. After all, now that we've retired, we have a little more time for things. And if she writes in the morning, at least I'll get to sleep a little longer!

Do you suppose she'll actually finish the month this time?

 I'm Chloe, by the way, and this blog should be about me.
But it's not.

Chloe is right.

I quit writing.

For months.

Didn't care.

And then, my fingers began to itch. They wanted the feel of a pen betweent them.

My ears longed to hear the scritch of a pen across the page, or the click of the keyboard as I blogged.

So, I started scribbling in a little notebook that was just the right size.

A couple of blog posts slid in there too.

But I wasn't sure about the March challenge.

Then, suddenly, I was.

And here I am.

Just Writing.

I'm Deb. Welcome to Coffee With Chloe.


  1. I, too, quit writing. And I, too, missed it. And I, too, am back. Welcome to you and Chloe! (such a precious girl!) So glad you are here this month!

    1. It's just so nice to find old slicing friends back to writing too. I'm excited to see what else you will write!

  2. There is something about writing that I miss, and this challenge, along with the notebook challenge, is jsut the spark I needed. I am glad you are back! Here's to 31 days!

    1. I figured if I could write in my notebook for 60 days, I could certainly handle the month of March!

  3. Oh, Chloe. You have quite a task ahead this month. You need to take Deb for walks so she could explore, nudge her to write and if she feels like not writing, you probably have to write some posts yourself. I hope you both have fun along the way.

    1. We're already having fun. It's so good to be back in this lovely little community!

  4. Thrilled to see you back to blogging. I’m glad Chloe budged you in the right direction. 😊

    1. Thanks, Stacey. I'm feeling right at home again!

  5. Yay! Glad you (and Chloe) are back. Looking forward to many visits this month.

  6. Deb, I love how you started this slice! I look forward to reading more from Chloe and you!

    1. Thanks, Tracy. Chloe will definitely make more appearances this March.

  7. Glad to read your words today!

  8. Thrilled to hear from Chloe! And good to hear from you too. Kudos for 60 days of notebooking! That's quite an accomplishment.


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