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{solsc} #sol17 0/31 Are You Ready???

A restlessness wove its way through me. I didn't recognize it. What found it's way into my heart and soul? And then I remembered. It's almost March. Time to reflect. Time to share stories. Time to write. And so, I readied myself.  I set up all my posts. I checked my Pinterest board for ideas. Chloe wrote the first post.                                                         See you tomorrow.


I did it again...let time get away from me.  I haven't written in a couple of weeks. I didn't mean to--really! It's just that time of year. February is brutal when it comes to time. I'm up early this morning for another speech contest. Individual events this time. It's the next to last contest I'll ever coach. But here's what I celebrated in the last couple of weeks Great performances from my kids at our last contest.  Senior boys acting group who were honored with an All-State selection An instructional coach I love in my room A friend who comes to check on me during a mini-meltdown (inevitable in February) Being so busy there's no time to "count down" to the end My school kids who also get that these are days to remember and celebrate Longer days so that it isn't dark out when I leave school Valentine flowers Snowblowers Snow days Speech contest is only an hour late today after the blizzard of yesterday A co-c

Little Celebrations

Sometimes It's little things that drag us down Like a nasty email from a disgruntled student but we rise above it, and that is worth a celebration Sometimes We need to remember more students like us than hate us and they show us that love every single day in our classrooms Sometimes visits from former students come at the right time to remind us we have shared goodness with the world Sometimes It's the little things that make a Celebration Post... Chloe snoring peacefully on the couch A new connection with an old student All-State selections (but that's kind of a big one) Student giggles Texts from grandkids asking which book should be read Laughs with friends Puppy pictures shared Love returned Celebrate