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A Reminder

Here it is, almost August, and it seems wherever I look, there are reminders about school.... This past Saturday, my husband and I spent the day at his family reunion. He has four siblings and they all have kids and most of the kids have kids, so even though not everyone could make it, that's a lot of people. And dogs, did I mention dogs? Anyway, Our youngest son was able to make it for awhile with his youngest son, Max. Max is two and a half and since he could move, he's been a climber. Max loved the playground at the park. It was one of those all in ones with three slides, a bridge, ladders, and steps. Perfect for a boy who loves to climb.  And of course, Max wanted to try everything the big kids did, quickly learning which things he could climb and which gave him "owies" when he fell ( three times!). The rope ladder seemed to be his favorite, although at first he needed a little support. So side by side they went up the ladder, as he watched what

Chloe Writes: I am a Rock-Star

Join me and my mom at Two Writing Teachers for the weekly Slice of Life posts! I'm pretty famous you know. Here at the lake I can't go anywhere without people wanting to talk to me and pet me. There are other dogs around, but I'm pretty much the favorite. I love it. Mom and Dad have been taking me with them this summer when they go visit our friends. I even get to stay for awhile!  Everyone says what a good dog I am. I could have told them that, of course, but I think they should figure it out for themselves. Mom sometimes wants to take me home, but they make her let me stay. It's kind of boring 'cause they just talk about golf and stuff, but at least I get to be outside. One of my favorite things, though, is every week there are new kids to play with. Sometimes they get a little scared of me. I have to remember not to bark and not to jump. It's hard 'cause I'm just so excited to make new friends and see some old ones. There are some cute babi

It All Started With Fresh Peaches...

Join in the fun at Two Writing Teachers ! Sundays at the lake.... laid back, no-rules, restful. Often, Sundays are pajama days. But sometimes, impromptu get togethers happen... Chloe jumped up, gave a couple of barks and wagged her butt ( really. When she's really happy to see someone, her whole butt wags)  and from behind the tree came our neighbor, Sam, carrying two big cantaloupes. "I was out toolin' around with Coach. Found these at Pioneer Beach . They had peaches and corn too." Peaches. Fresh Peaches. My husband's favorite. "I may have to check those out," he things aloud. We eat lunch. He disappears for a bit. When he comes back... "Coach says those peaches are great. Really juicy. I think I'm going to go and get some. Want to come along?" What the heck! I grab my purse and off we go. But first I had to stop and tell a friend I wouldn't be down to her place for awhile. We find her and others playing l

Notes from a Concert

Perfect spot. Right in front of the stage, a couple of feet back. Little kids in front of us. We are ready for   The Nadas , our traditional 4th of July weekend concert. I was ready for fun music, dancing and singing along with my husband and our friends, enjoying the end of a long week. The crowd is rowdier than most years. As The Nadas take the stage, the area in front of the stage fills with groups of people. Many have obviously been overindulging in adult beverages, but they are behind us and shouldn't last long. I didn't notice the young woman in the orange sundress standing a little to the left of us and leaning on the stage. Not at first anyway... But soon, a couple of other young women joined her. Lots of squeals and hugs and they pushed their way in front of us ( take your high school reunion to the back of the crowd) . And with cute young women inevitably come several young men, who also pushed their way in front of us. But there's a space beside them,