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Needing To Be Organized

 Retirement has taught me I am a woman who: needs to be organized  needs a schedule  And because of that,  a woman who needs her planner and her lists. Seriously. How does anyone function without a planner or a list? And really good pens to write with?ˆ Oh. And post-its. Those are essential. With post-its, I make all kinds of lists To-od Packing for the lake Packing for weekend trips Futures projects Books I’ve read Books to read Writing ideas— even though I never get to most of them .  And then I stick them in my planner. My planner is my daily guide. I  write in appointments, bills to be paid, birthdays and anniversaries.  I’ve added Read, Write, Walk, to each day so that I’ve scheduled them in. And it really is helping me to stick to goals I made at the beginning of the month- my own March challenge- I wasn’t reading or writing anymore and I just didn’t feel like me because of it. So scheduling these two things each day and writing them in my planner has reminded me they are importa