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Little Bits of JOY

Last week was a tough one in our community. So it's been important for me to find my JOY in the last few days. I need the reminder that life is good. 1. Amidst the tears, there was laughter . Nothing made me feel better than hearing a group of students laughing and crying while sharing memories of friend. I know they were devastated, but it was good to hear them laugh. There was also laughter after school with the little giggles of a colleagues young sons, untouched by the tragedy in the high school. Happy giggles rang out from her room one afternoon after school and it just made me smile. 2. I love my husband for many reasons , but last week it was for his understanding and compassion. From the time the phone call came on Sunday afternoon, he made sure I was OK, whether it was a hug, a shared tear or taking me out to dinner one night, he made sure I was handling the situation. 3. Personal Day . I had requested the day off a couple of weeks ago so that we could o


I've done three things a bit differently this semester. In January, I began giving my freshmen 10 minutes every day to read the book of their choice.  I wasn't sure how it would go.  They hate to read. And then, at the beginning of fourth quarter, I added a blogging challenge. I post on Sunday. Their post is due the next Sunday.                                                                  They hate to write. And then, I began instituting Genius Time every Friday (except for this Friday. I have to be gone. We've had a week. I was gone two days last week. We just needed to do the mainstream on Friday). They hate to think. You want to know something?  I was wrong.  They proved me wrong. They read every day. and they don't hate it. (Well, not most of them) In fact, they have read more than I thought possible. Someone asks me every day for a new book recommendation. I'm running out of ideas for some of them. And I once thought they'

They Never Prepare You

They never prepare you for this~ the death of a student~especially a suicide. They never prepare you for the silence for the echo in the hallways even though students walk through them They never prepare you for the sound of laughter being intrusive even when it's the sound you crave the most. They never prepare you for the revolving door of students coming in just for a hug. They never prepare you for the rumors and the anger for the way teenagers grieve and the things they expect Thank heavens for the boy who says "Can I be that guy that plays happy songs?" for the tweet "We love you, Mrs. Day" Because they never prepare you

D. 4/21/13

Every Morning: "Mornin' D. How are you today?" "Mornin" Ms. Day. I'm good." Head down. Capped pulled low. Hair in eyes. Some mornings: "Mornin' D. Would you take this down to my room?" "No prob, Ms. Day" Last Week: I miss D sitting on the planters texting  who knows who at 7:30am. I miss D and our two sentence conversations. Yesterday: A one sentence conversation "D committed suicide this morning." Today: I thought I was fine, ready for what the day had to bring, But the planter knocked me for a loop. Good-bye D. I'll miss you.

Through The Looking Glass

A week later, and I am still reveling in the experience of having Christy in my classroom. I've tried writing about it, but the right words just haven't appeared. But, I'm going to try one more time. Seeing your classroom through another's eyes Nerve wracking, intimidating   What if she "looks behind the curtain" and sees I'm really just a crappy teacher? What if she thinks I don't really do anything all day long? Why the heck does she want to see me? Seeing your classroom through another's eyes affirming, exhilerating It was a validation of sorts. I must be doing something right. Seeing your classroom through another's eyes fun, wishful   Someone to laugh about the goings on of silly girls and crazy boys. Someone who talks books like I do. What a great room we would have together. As soon as I walked through the motel door to pick her up, I felt like I'd known Christy forever. There was an immediate connection. Hav

Today It Happened

Back in mid-October I (and Linda, from TeacherDance ) received an email from our friend , Christy (Rush-Levine) . Ruth (as in Ayres) was going to visit and observe in her classroom. She was a little nervous about Ruth coming to her room. I could sympathize, I mean, after all, it was RUTH! Here's what Christy said to me, "     I mean, it's Ruth we're talking about here.  She gets things right.  What if Friday turns out to be one of those days--you know, the kind where you feel like you are playing whack-a-mole more than you are teaching?  What if where I am in implementing a workshop approach is "so two years ago" in Ruth's world?  These are the thoughts that keep me up at night.  Well, those and what do I wear?"  ( Yes, Christy, I still have the emails) After the visit, another email. This one full of excitement about the visit and the things she took away from it. Ruth posted about the experience also. I was so jealous of the experience they

Spring. Soon. Please.

It's hard to tell if you just glance out the window It still looks like winter here in northeast Iowa. But if you pay attention and look closely, there are signs of spring. Tulips are peeking through the not-so-frozen ground. Basketballs are bouncing. Jump ropes are jumping. The warmth of the sun finds its way through the cold breezes of leftover winter. Soon.