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Celebrating the Best Monday Ever...

And the rest of the week wasn't so bad, either.... Celebrate with us! I was out of the classroom both Thursday and Friday last week. And you know how it goes when you are gone for a couple of days. Kids can think the rules  expectations are gone too. So I was a little apprehensive heading to school Monday morning. Imagine my glee when I read the note from my sub telling me how he liked my room and how kids handle the freedom.  What a great way to start a Monday.  It proved that kids can be independent learners. That they can handle the freedom my room allows, even when I'm not there. Did all of them get lots of work done? Nope. But most of them did. Some of them watched videos on their computers and spent a lot of time on Facebook. They talked and messed around JUST LIKE THEY DO WHEN I AM THERE. But they know when the work is due and will have to get it done on their own time.  Then, second hour Monday, at the beginning of Creative Writing, a senior gir


Sometimes, in the middle of life there isn't time to  WRITE about the celebration because you are  too busy  LIVING it. You are sharing a  FIRST BIG GAME  with grandkids Sometimes You put your money where your mouth is  and take students on a trip you hope will GIVE THEM VOICE And  Sometimes in the midst of grading chaos and messy houses and the rest of the "I should be doings" You take a weekend  to RELAX to REFUEL to REINVIGORATE yourself Because, even though  there are lots and lots of  "I should be doings" Life is meant to be  ENJOYED and CELEBRATED

Nov 5: My Strength. My Kids.

I am a yeller. I get after kids daily. I tell them, "I treat each and every one of you like you are my own kids. It's when I stop yelling you have to worry."   What do I "yell" about? Homework. Being mean to classmates. Not caring. Homework. Watching movies in class. Texting. No effort. Homework.   And I yell at kids I really like. Like they were my own kids.  Because they are. My. Kids. And they know it. Because I also tell them that. "You. Are. My. Kid. They call me mom. They tell me they are sorry when they screw up. They don't like it when I'm mad at them. What they don't know is the nights I go home and cry because I think I've failed them. Or the days I say to my principal, "I've never had a kid I couldn't reach. I don't know what to do with this one." They don't know how I worry on Prom Night. They don't know that even after they leave me and go to college or go to work, they are still MY K

Nov 4: The Best Gift

At first, I knew exactly what I was going to write about. Adam's podium or maybe, the random Christmas ornaments or maybe the pieces of chocolate that kids bring me. It could be notes from parents. But no. It's this To know that they get it. To see them share themselves and our room so openly. To remember where they came from and see where they are now. That is the best gift.

Nov 3 You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

I am an old teacher. 57 on my last birthday. And I'm pretty proud that I have kept up with all the changes I have seen in my teaching career. Not just kept up but kept ahead of them. I have never uttered the words, "We've done this before." Or "The last time we did this..." Well, OK, maybe I've said it once or twice. We've gone through a lot of curriculum management systems. My students are amazed that I stay pretty current on the latest fads/games/music/etc. I taught junior high for 15 years before coming to the high school I'm older than some of their parents I've had some of their parents, aunts and uncles in class I have a smart phone I have a snapchat and Instagram account I'm better at Twitter than they are I'm "techy" and, again, better at it than many of them I think what amazes them is that because I am so old, I shouldn't know the things I do. I should be content to teach the sa

Celebrating Teaching

I've been celebrating teaching and JOY in my life for a couple of years now. Concentrating on the good things in my life has changed my attitude in many ways.  I shared out Friday Favorites for awhile, and then Ruth started this lovely little community of celebration .  How much fun is it to spend a few moments with others and celebrating those little moments (and sometimes some big ones!). So this month, I've decided to join a month long "Attitude of Gratitude" blogging challenge . I love that they have questions for every day of the challenge. I looked them over and already have some great ideas for writing (always a good thing!). And on the plus side, it fits right in with Celebration Saturdays and my OLW: A L O H A Because yesterday my husband and I celebrated our youngest son's birthday with him at a Hawkeye football game, I'm going to combine two days in one. I think they go well together.... Nov 1 What are the best aspects of being a tea