Thursday, January 6, 2022

Sophie Says Hi


Hi, Everybody.  My name is Sophie and I am six months old. Mommy calls me Sophie Grace when I’m in trouble. And Daddy calls me Sophie Lou when he sings to me. But you can just call me Sophie. 

Mommy said it was time for me to in..intro…oh shoot, I forgot.  Anyway, I’m going to tell you all about me!  She says Chloe used to write once in awhile and maybe I would like it too. 

Ooooo. I’ll be back! The neighbor dogs are out and I have to go say hi! 

Ok.  I’m back.. I had to potty too. Good thing Mommy reminded me!

Mommy says I should tell you about some of the things I really like, so I will.
FOOD!  I really, really like food!  I’ll eat anything. There’s always some really good stuff in the kitchen up where I can’t reach and Mommy and Daddy are always telling me no, no, no whenever I try to get it, but if I sit nice they give me a treat.

Daddy gives me a bite of banana every night and Mommy makes me sweet potatoes. Those are really good! I also really, really like applesauce!  Well , mostly the cup ‘ cuz I can chew on it and play with it.

I love being outside. There’s a lot of fun things to do.  The best was chasing leaves. But now there is snow!  Do you know about snow? It’s the best!  I can play in it, dig in it, run in it and EAT it!  

I like going in the car. We mostly go some place fun. Sometimes we go places that have other dogs. I have lots of dog friends. There’s Stella (she’s my favorite) and Winston, and TeddyMollyMaverick, and Katie. 

Oops. I forgot to go #2. Be right back!

False alarm!

Orrrrrr, maybe not. Wish I could go run in the backyard. That would help. But I have to wait til Daddy wakes up.

Let’s talk about my toys.. I have lots of them!  I like my crazy ball the bestest. It make noise!  Oo, oo, oo,  I like all my squeaky toys. And stuff I can chew on. Mommy is always taking stuff from me though and says leave it.  I guess I’m not ‘posed to chew on some stuff.

I’m getting kind of sleepy.  Mommy says it’s nap time.  At night I have to sleep in my kennel, but nap time I can sleep any where I want to. Sometimes I even sleep on Mommy’s lap!  


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