Wednesday, March 18, 2020

#SOL20 Day 18. Birthday to Remember

At 63, I've had my share of memorable birthdays. The first one I remember, I was really young, 3 or 4 maybe. My dad brought home a birthday cake with a doll in the center and the cake formed its dress. I don't remember anything else. I don't know if others were there. I really don't know how old I was. I just remember looking at that cake.

When I was 8 or 9, my grandparents picked me up from school on my birthday. They were going to buy me new shoes for birthday. As I opened the door, my tights flew out onto the street and started rolling up the street. Now, why Grandma had me take my tights off and put on socks, I haven't a clue. All I remember was crying because I lost them and my grandpa racing up the street after them.

When I was 40, my husband threw a surprise party for me. The house was full of family and friends when I came home from speech contest. It was so fun. But the best part of the night was the speech kids who kept showing up at the house trying to TP the trees outside. But several friends smoked and would be outside when the kids showed up. The kids kept getting caught. The last time they showed up, one was roaming around in the backyard. He had lost his cell phone!  To this day, I love to bring that night up to them.

At 60, I threw my own party. Invited anyone who wanted to come to join me at a bar not far from our house and listen to a friend's band. My lake friends showed up with St Pat's wigs, necklaces, lights, etc. It was really one of my more fun birthdays.

And, then, there was yesterday. Really the weirdest birthday I have ever had. Coronavirus Birthday. The concert we were to see was postponed. Our governor ordered all bars and restaurants closed. There really was not anywhere to go or anything to do.

So, we made the best of it. We sat outside in the sunshine a bit and drank a glass of wine. I did have to wear a winter coat and wrap a blanket around my legs. It is March in Iowa. But it was nice to get a little fresh air and see the neighbors out and about. My husband cooked me a steak and we watched our favorite shows on TV.

Not exactly a birthday like the rest. But it was a good one just the same.