Friday, March 20, 2020

#SOL20 Day 20. Chloe Writes: The New Normal

They're home again? All day?
Especially Mom. It's been a long time since she's been gone all day. Even Dad doesn't leave every day.

I'm missing my naps.

Wait! She's getting dressed! Maybe she's going to leave!
Or, maybe she's taking me somewhere. Yippee! I love going in the car. It's always someplace fun when we go. Well, almost always...

She's wrapped up in her furry blanket again.
Dang it.

Dad's up. But he's not doing anything either.

Maybe if I grab a ball and look really cute. Or my rope.
Nope. That's not working either.

What the heck are they home for if they're not going to play with me?

I better stay awake just in case.


  1. Oh my this is amazing! I love how you wrote this from your dog's perspective. PS your dog is soooooo stinking cute! So true though, my dog is like.... wait why are you still home, again?

    1. I know--they are used to their own routines too! We know she misses all the sleep she was getting while we were both gone!

  2. I can feel for Chloe. I have heard form my colleagues that their pets are confused too. I have loved seeing the cats, dogs and hamsters during Google Meet meetings.

    1. Chloe was as excited as my husband and I when we took a road trip to a Target about an hour away. She didn't even get to get out of the car, but she smiled the whole time!