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Here I sit in the airport terminal, finally getting ready to board a plane to take us on a trip we've been planning for a very long time. It didn't seem real. Not when we packed and checked our lists a million and one times.  Not when we dropped Chloe off at our son's home. Not even yesterday as we drove down to the motel where we stayed for the night. I'm not sure it's real now. Maybe when I get that lei around my neck.... So this week I'm celebrating      A much needed break from school and life as I know it      No grading      No snow ( a winter storm is heading to Iowa tonight)      I am also celebrating 30 years of marriage to a great guy. It doesn't get better than that.

'Twas the Last Week of the Semester

I actually started this piece on Saturday and had planned it for my Celebration link up. But, as often happens, life gets in the way. So, instead, I share this as my Slice of Life for this week. With apologies to Mr. Moore…. 'Twas the last week of the semester and all through the school Not a lesson was working, not even the cool; The artwork was hung in the hallways with care, Knowing that students soon would see theirs. The children were working on projects with dread While visions of presenting  danced in their heads;  Counselors in their office and principals too Had just settle in for a long week's to do, When down by my room there arose such a clatter, They ran to my room to see what was the matter. Away to the hallway they flew like a flash, Slid around the corner and ran into the trash. The light in my room shone on the desks brand new Gave the luster of working and much stuff to do When what to my wondering ears should I hear But kids in the h

Of Panda Whales and Zebra Bears

3 hour early out day. 20 minute classes. Weird conversations.   Today’s conversation between two of my boys revolves around the movie “Free Willy”. They are talking quietly in their corner. Eventually, they bring me into the conversation. STUDENT 1: Mrs. Day, was Willy confined? Think the title “Free Willy” ME: Yes, STUDENT 2: See, I told you ME: ( continuing ) he was confined and they worked to free him. STUDENT 1: No. He was free…. I continue working. Other students are typing. They continue talking. STUDENT 2: ( has googled “Free Willy” to prove his point. He shows his computer to the other student )   See, I told you. STUDENT 1: Nope, right there says he is free. ME: Actually, I think he’s dead. STUDENT 1: Yea, that means he’s free. STUDENT 2: What kind of whale was he? Like a Panda whale? You know, black and white. ME: (took me a minute )   Yes, we call those killer whales STUDENT 1: (to the other boy) Have you ever seen a

Chloe Writes: Dogboys Have Cooties

Dogboys have cooties. You know that, right? They're loud       They never settle down               And they're down right NOSY What good are they anyway? Dogboys. Ugh... I was so excited to go to my BFF Bella's house last weekend. I would get to spend time with Bella, play with the kids, maybe get a few little snacks from Max :) Battle for the pop tart I raced to the door as soon as we pulled in their driveway. Of course, it took Mom forever to get to the door. Couldn't she just let me in the house and THEN unpack the car? Or just let Dad unpack. Geez. Finally, I ran in the house and stopped dead in my tracks. There was another dog there. A dogboy. Now I love my peopleboys. They like to cuddle and play fetch and run. Sometimes they even share food with me (but only when Mom and Dad aren't watching). But dogboys are gross (well, except for Teddy, my other BFF. But he's family, like Bella, so he doesn't count). Dogboys never leave you a

Celebrate VIII

My friend Ruth has started this Saturday celebration. I find that I am constantly on the lookout for those little bits of JOY that fill my day. If you want to know about this celebration,  check out the page    Ruth created on her blog. #Nerdlution If you haven't succumbed to Twitter pressure and join the nerdlution movement or you really don't know what it is, you should check out this post by Chris Lehman  It explains everything pretty well :) I'm glad I hopped on this bandwagon because it has me working to get back to things that make me happy Writing I've been writing more this week. Rewrote some new lesson plans. Writing out a new curriculum for some kids who have asked to do an independent study with me (Creative Writing 2!) I'm excited for this opportunity. But I've also been writing some fun things for me. I write along with my students, trying my hand at the daily prompts. Scribbling little snippets of things in my notebook. Also wr

There's Something About Wednesdays...

I don't know what it is, but there's just something about Wednesdays. It's the day of the week I am the most tired, both mentally and physically. I just can't get motivated. And yesterday, a two hour late start didn't help the situation. An extra cup of coffee, snuggling a little longer with Chloe, fog that stayed around all day, all contributed to the tiredness  laziness. Even my kids felt it yesterday. "Can we just read all hour, Mrs. Day?  You know it's the perfect day for it." So, of course we did. Because it was the perfect day for finding a comfy spot and settling in. What did this mean for my #nerdlution?  Welllllllllll........ I didn't walk as much as I should. I didn't write. I thought about it. Does that count as prewriting? Did I fail. No. I also promised myself when I committed to this I would be kind to myself. That I wouldn't let this consume me. So, I just jump back into it today. But do I feel guilty?  Jus

For the Girls

I write about boys in my room a lot. Especially those SSB's . I think it's because I'm the mom of two boys and grandma to four more. But, I do love those girls. When our first grandchild was born, I couldn't wait to buy everything in pink. I envisioned Barbie dolls and baby dolls, dress up clothes and dance costumes.  I couldn't wait for the giggles and hair ribbons, tea parties and shopping. And I got all that. And then I started teaching high school. I see too many girls who sit back and giggle and think it's cute to be stupid (Y es. I know that's not a nice word. But no other word will do. Really. You should see some really smart girls be dumb just so a boy will like them). I see girls who screech and giggle over a bug or pretend they are grossed out when it comes to dissection in Biology. Then they let the big, strong cute boy do all the work. Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh. And then I read Ruth's post about one of her daughters . I loved it! I lov


One of the best things about Twitter is listening to  following other people's conversations. And the other night, a good one began And you know what happens when a conversation like this gets going? A #nerdlution ! Basically, you are supposed to decide to create a habit---read more, write more, exercise more, something more--for fifty days. Katherine had a blog post up the next day , as did others. I knew I would do it immediately. Who doesn't need a good challenge? The only thing that has kept me committing is deciding exactly what I would do. Colby Sharp is writing every day, Chris Lehman is doing push-ups. Michelle over at  One Grateful Teacher  is working on reading and writing and walking! Crazy woman:) I admit, at first I thought like Michelle. I would do it all. And then I woke up.  Truth is, I'll be leaving for Hawaii in 20 days. It's the end of the semester, the beginning of a new one, rehearsals and speech contests. I need to be realisti