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Celebrating Friendship Through The Tears

Our Sandbar gang last weekend. A getaway planned before cancer struck. A getaway continued so we could share our strength with friends who need all they can get right now. My sister, the survivor, is in white. These are her cronies, to whom I will always be indebted. They loved and took care of my sister when I couldn't be there. You don't see them looking at these pictures, but tears have been shed lately. Lots of tears. Because cancer sucks. The last year has been tough. My baby sister (God, she'll hate that) was diagnosed with colon cancer last winter. A grapefruit sized tumor was found. But rounds of chemo and radiation shrunk that tumor to nothing and surgery was successful. As she finishes her last rounds of post surgery chemo, we have lots to celebrate.  She is a survivor. Her group of friends, the "Cronies" as they call themselves, have been amazing. They are her strength. They keep her smiling through it all. They are her othe

Why I Write

I often tell students that I don't remember not reading.  Well, when I think about it, I don't really remember not writing either. I've always loved putting pen to paper (Flair markers, thank you. Black or Brown are my favorite colors).  And I am a paper and pen kind of person...I love my computer and I love writing blog posts and connecting online, but when I really need to write, paper and pen are my go-to supplies. When I need to sort out emotions, I write.  I look back into some notebooks and am amazed at the feelings that explode from them. I don't always remember the catalyst behind the page, but usually I do. Because it was important enough to write about. I write to remember and reflect.  Oh, I write the usual to-do lists. There's a certain satisfaction in drawing a line through those to-dos. But the most important remembers that I write are those things I want to go back and savor again.  Special moments. Special people. Special emotions.  They need

Small Moments

Sometimes, when your world seems to be crashing in around you when the universe  throws so much at you that  your JOY , your ALOHA , can't BALANCE things out, you need to relish  the small moments. Beautiful morning mists  hovering just above the corn Unexpected gifts just because they thought of you Sharing the unshareable with those who do not judge. Facebook family messages that make us laugh and smile through tears for others. These small moments remind us how  Grateful we are for those who have come into our life.

No One Ever Told Me

I spent some time thinking this past Banned Book Week  how lucky I've been when it comes to books and reading... No one ever told me I couldn't read Gone With The Wind at twelve because it was inappropriate or too old for me, or that it wasn't good literature. When I began to read it, both my mom and grandmother were excited that I was trying a book they both loved. I talked about it with both of them. Shared my thoughts, talked about Scarlett's good points, cried when Mellie died. It didn't scar me, because I have read it 25 times and get something new out of it with each read. I grew up in a family of readers, each with their own preferences that they shared with me. Grandma read True Story magazine, Grandpa read the newspaper. My mom and dad always had books going and a pile that was waiting to be read. My dad loved the grand historical novels of Herman Wouck and James Michner. Those led me to Steinbeck, whom I loved. I was never assigned his books in sch


I think sometimes the lake pulls out all the stops at the end of the season, creating beautiful sunrises and sunsets just to remind us what we will miss when we close for the season. I'm just going to sit here awhile longer this morning sipping my coffee and enjoying the view. I'm celebrating writing again. Inspiration seems to be finding me :)  I wrote yesterday about books I wouldn't have read if I didn't have a classroom library .  I kept trying to fit in all the books that I loved that I wouldn't have read, but there were just too many of them. I do know that they all started with Harry Potter.  I love that this year, one of my eighth graders started the series. She loves them and it's fun to watch someone experience them for the first time (and there's another celebration). I've been sharing celebrations with students, staff and community through a new Facebook page, A Day in Room 25 .  I love taking kids pictures and sharing out their w

Thank goodness my classroom library isn't just for me...

This morning I read Pernille Ripp's newest blog post . You should probably read it first. And it got me thinking about all the books I wouldn't have read if my library was just for me. If my classroom library was just for me I never would know what a muggle was and imagined a game of quidditch. I wouldn't have cried over the death of a wizard or cheered the death of another. I wouldn't have jumped into the land of a book and and loved the  silver tongues that brought words to life. I definitely wouldn't have raced the  capall uisce up the beach on the first of November, nor tracked ley lines with the Raven Boys. If my classroom library were just for me, there would have been no fantasy, no magical reality. I wouldn't have played games of life and death. I wouldn't have lived in a world with no color and loved a giver of memories. I wouldn't have lived in the future and wondered how we could keep those things from happening. If my