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The MAGIC of 2020

Who knew when I picked my One Little Word, MAGIC , last December, that we would find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic and become so isolated.  Crazy how the world has changed in these past months. I could list all the things I've missed this year--and trust me, my notebook contains lists--but there was still lots of  MAGIC to be found! Technology saved us. Video chats with family became a lifeline. Video happy hours were a hoot.  We watched last spring arrive with anticipation. We noted each new sign of spring: buds on trees, the arrival of the robins, how the sun seemed warmer each day. We often sat outside in the sun, still in winter coats, and drank a glass of wine, talking about what we would do when the weather was warmer. We appreciated going to the lake like never before. It became a place of safety and refuge, where we could still see family and friends at a safe distance. We took advantage of warm weather and made a couple of road trips with our favorite trave