Friday, January 24, 2020

If This Isn't Nice, I Don't Know What Is 1/24/2020

It's been a week. 

I let things (that really shouldn't have) control my mood and attitude for several days.

I don't like myself very well when that happens.

Besides crying and wallowing in a mood, keeping track of JOYful moments help me remember that the whole week didn't suck.

First, is Joe, our neighbor, who we hire to blow out the main part of our driveway when the snow is just too much to handle. Sunday was one of those days. And not only did he do our main part, he also did all the little widening things that my husband does. After two days of being snowed in, it was wonderful to just be able to leave the house instead of finishing up the driveway.

We went for brunch, by the way. And is there anything better than Sunday brunch?
And Mike's scotcheroos, which are a blog post all by themselves.  You'll have to trust me on that.

And then there's Kerigan. Her freshman year in high school she went by my room and told me she was going to be my favorite student (I didn't even have her in class!). She really doesn't remember this, but I do because she made me laugh. And even on really tough teaching days, she could make me smile and remind me why I did what I did. 

She's been out of high school for five years now (I don't know how the hell that happened!) and she still makes me smile. Last Friday, she tweeted me. Now I can't believe that I've never written about her, but I guess she would know!  

Here's the thing. What I miss most about teaching are the kids. The ones who made it all worthwhile. The sassy ones. The funny ones. The ones who weren't afraid to take risks. The ones who told me they were going to be my favorite.

Kerigan is all of those. And she will never know how much her tweets meant to me this week. She still makes me smile.

And so is Haley. Who just happened to stop in the high school when I was subbing. Haley Hugs are some of the best in the world. She's another one who just lifts my spirits when I see her. 

This led me to spend a little time today looking through my Twitter media and checking out old pictures of my kids. I'm still friends with so many of them. 

Teaching truly blessed my life.

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  1. Deb, what a great post. I want to take the challenge--to keep track of joyful moments, to murmur, "If this isn't nice, I don't know what is" at those sweet moments. Kerigan sounds like a gem.



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