Wednesday, March 25, 2020

#SOL20 Day 25. 2 Minute Journal

Every once in a while, you need a fall-back post. Something quick to write while you think of a better post for tomorrow. Today is one of those days (although I'm sure I'll need more than two minutes!)

Something I am grateful for today: We've talked to most of our families in the last few days and everyone is doing what they are supposed to do and are staying healthy. My 85-year old mom is even staying home and that is something.

We're becoming more proficient with Facetime and Facebook Messenger calls, although some of the grandkids got a chuckle when we talked the other night. But at least we get to see them and chat!

The best thing that happened today: We got some mail from one of our grandsons, which brought a smile to our faces.

AND, there was toilet paper at the grocery store! Who would have thought we'd be so excited to buy a package of toilet paper!

Something I did well today: I have a great pot of soup on the stove.
I remembered to thank the grocery store workers as I saw them in the aisles.

How I could have made today better: I need to get out and exercise more during this time. It's dark and dreary here this week, raining off and on, and it's just hard to get motivated. Hopefully, we'll get some sunshine and I'll find the energy to get up and go!

How I'll make the rest of today great: I'm going to spend some time tonight reading slices and commenting on as many as I can.  I'm also going to make myself a plan for tomorrow and try to accomplish a little more!


  1. A pot of soup! Yum! A plan for tomorrow- I keep meaning to do that, too!

    1. Well, I did write down some notes for my post tomorrow. That may be all the planning I get done :)

  2. Great 2-minute (or longer) post, Deb. It showed a nice cross section of your whole day. And thank you for including me in your last plan of the day--reading and commenting on others' slices. Have a great day.

  3. I love taking my phone on walks and today my sister-in-law said, "I didn't get much done today. Tomorrow will be better." I'm planning for that too. I did two Grandma story times on Zoom today, called a friend, walked, napped, watched our current show (2 episodes tonight) and now a bit of time for commenting. Tomorrow will be better.