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I Should

  I SHOULD Seems to be the word of the day. And there are lots of "should do's " on my list I should eat better I should walk more I should clean my house I should call friends and family more I should, I should, I should But sometimes, all those "should do's" make me feel inadequate. And who needs to feel like that? So I'm making a new list! I should... listen to more music dance in the dining room eat a piece of chocolate every day only read books that make me happy play with Chloe in the yard take a bubble bath buy a new notebook bake when I feel like it (and then give it away) watch Hallmark movies without guilt take a walk with no destination or motive sit outside and watch the neighborhood order takeout eat ice cream  buy flowers (or plants) for me What's on your "should do" list? Maybe I can add it to mine!

A Lesson in Patience

  This long-legged dinosaur-like bird glides into view, landing gently in the shallows of the lake. Picking her feet up gently and walking through the water, watching, always watching, for an unsuspecting bite. She stands patiently, oh so patiently, ( much more patient than I who watch her)   for an unsuspecting bite. And then quickly, throws her beak in the water, then lifts her head to the sky, and swallows. One bite. That's it. Then the whole thing starts again. Patience.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  In the sand, between the wave smoothed rocks, through the seaweed cemented in the cracks, a small tomato plant peeked through. It shouldn't be there. It shouldn't survive. But left unattended, it does. Inching its way towards sunlight, it is watered by the waves splashing against the shore. Unseen by most, forgotten by me, it blossoms. And then, those blossoms turn to fruit. And one day, those small bites are brightly shining against the rocks, waiting to be appreciated.