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Connecting to JOY, ALOHA, BALANCE and ....

And I wait. Every year. I wait. I wait for that one little word to show itself. Every year. First, was CONNECT in 2012.  I didn't write publicly about that one. But I think it made an impact on me :) In 2013, JOY came to me over our family's Christmas celebration.   JOY visits me daily. And I find I don't have to look for it much any more. JOY just shows up and I am smart enough to enjoy those moments. Writing JOY JOY after tragedy Family JOY Choosing JOY At the end of 2013 my husband and I traveled to Hawaii with his sister and her husband.There were so many wonderful moments in that trip.  I kept a travel journal to remind me of the little moments that I never wanted to forget.  Two years later, I still look back on that trip as a life changing experience.  And on the last day, A L O H A  found me for 2014. I practiced my word whenever I could. I found that JOY joined in and that my one little words were forming a family. Remembering ALOH