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Pause Before Spring

  Pause ... I did that.  I haven't written anything in a couple of weeks and I certainly haven't blogged (January 11 was my last post!). But, it's hard to visit Coffee With Chloe  when Chloe isn't around.  And COVID absolutely paused me. no visiting  no traveling no grandkids no holidays Just Greg and I. But now we have TWO shots! We can start making plans!   Josh and Kara's wedding vacations with Sue and Larry visiting friends CONCERTS  and most importantly, family time My OLW, Grace, allowed the pause this year.  Grace gives me time to think.  Grace  gives me progress, not perfection.  But now might be the time to SPRING action--or at least  SPRING  into my writing life again.  Time to get into those writing projects I've been dabbling with. Time to make some plans.   SPRING