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"This Is Me, Giving 100%"

Last year was not my finest as a teacher. I taught like a short-timer. Everything I did was just "good enough". I let negative thoughts about certain kids color my connections with them. To quote Michael Phelps, "I had no passion and wasn't really too into it. I had no motivation." A wonderful thing happened--an amazing student teacher entered my classroom and it rejuvenated me. She reminded me of the excitement of teaching. And I realized, I didn't want to be done yet, but if I was going to keep going, I needed an attitude adjustment. I didn't want to retire after my worst year, I want to leave on top of my game. To quote Phelps again, "I never wanted to look back 20 years down the road and say 'what if I did this differently, what if I did that differently'. This is me giving 100 percent." So, mentally I am ready. I'm looking forward to classes and kids. I have long range plans for a couple of classes I've been l