Friday, March 17, 2023

3/17 I'm So Lucky


I'm so lucky to have a birthday on St. Patrick's Day☘️
Everyone likes to celebrate my birthday (even if they don't like green beer)☘️
It's hard for family and friends to forget my birthday☘️
St. Pat's Day signals spring to me (even if the wind chill is zero and there is snow on the ground)☘️
My Facebook is filled with birthday wishes from friends and family and lots of former students☘️
My mom is still kicking at 88 and looking forward to our visit☘️
My brother and sisters will help me celebrate today☘️
My kids and grandkids will call (tomorrow I told them)
We're going out to eat (something we don't do often enough)☘️
I'll drink green beer (why don't they have green wine?) ☘️

Thursday, March 16, 2023

16/31 It's Hard to Be a Puppy When It Rains


I can't play in the yard 

  • it's too muddy
  • it's too cold
  • you'll get all wet
  • you'll track mud in the house
It's hard to be a puppy when it rains.

I can't play inside
  • settle down
  • don't bite
  • we're not wrestling
  • stay out of the garbage
  • what are you into now
It's hard to be a puppy when it rains.

I can't sleep all day, 
I have too much energy. 
I don't have any dog friends to play with.
I don't have any kids to play with.

It's hard to be a puppy when it rains.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

15/31 Bad Slicer

 I have been a bad slicer the last few days and I don't see it getting better over the weekend. Life is taking over! How dare it!

I haven't written til waaaayyyyy late in the day. I haven't commented like I usually do. Usually, I comment twice a day. In the morning for the early birds and again after supper for those who post later in the day.

I'm setting a goal to write and comment on the next two mornings. Get me on schedule again. 

But Friday we are heading to my mom's overnight. It is the land of the internetless. I'm going to try and write a couple of posts that I can schedule them to post--or at least have them written so I don't have to write from my phone!

But my guess is, I'll write Saturday's post on my phone.

I can't be too organized. Can I?

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

14/31 They're Everywhere

 For the last few weeks I've been doing my "Welcome to Medicare" physical, as my doctor referred to it. So there was blood work, an EKG, and a bone density test. I also had a dental check-up. Now, this post isn't about those tests or Medicare, or even about growing old. Well, it is kind of about that.

I taught in our small town for many years. Taught a couple thousand or more kids. And now, many of them are adulting in our hometown. Most of them still refer to me as Mrs. Day

When I went for my EKG, a familiar face and voice awkwardly called my name. There was a little small talk as we walked down the hall and she introduced me to another former student who would be assisting. After all the explanations of what was going to happen (and they were pretty good at it!), we could talk and catch up on the years since we all left school. I like hearing about what's going on in their lives (another new school grandbaby is on the way 😊).

A few days later, the bone density test.

"Deb", an uncertain voice called. "Boy. Is that going to take some getting used to." 

It was one of my former speech kids, now working in radiology. We walked down the hall, chatting about nothing important. She introduced me to a trainee, who ran the test. While the test was happening, we caught up, and talked about vacations and her family. All the while, she kept an eye on her trainee and made sure things were running as they should. 

What's nice about this, is these are MY kids. MY school babies. And here they are. Adulting. Easing my tension and taking care of me. Like I tried to do for them all those years ago.

Monday, March 13, 2023

13/31 The Little Things

 It's The Little Things

The smell of coffee brewing☕️

Tulips pushing up through the ground🌷

Walks with Sophie🐕

My Birthday☘️

Comfy clothes💕

Ice Cream🍨

Dinner Out or brought in🥘

Grandkid giggles😂

Sophie zoomies in the yard😁


A glass of good red wine🍷

New pens and notebooks💕

Sitting on a beach🏖

Wander shopping🛍

Big hugs


Writing again!

Sunday, March 12, 2023

12/31 The Toybox

All I know is that the toybox originally came from Grandma's Garage.

I don't know if my sisters and I used it and Mom gave it to me after my oldest was born or if Grandpa pulled it out of the garage after he was born.

I just don't know.

But it is the kind of thing Grandma would buy and keep in The Garage.

It traveled with us from my hometown and four moves after that. It held Hotwheels and GI Joes, Legos and Lincoln Logs. It lasted through our two boys and six grandkids. At the end, it held forgotten toys that no one played with anymore. It was relegated to the basement dumping ground.


But then, Lucky #7 arrived. Mom and Dad were looking for a toy box...

It's circus animals fit in with her room decor. It needed a little TLC, but not much.

And now, it's no longer forgotten.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

11/31 #sol23. Spring



Warm days
Melting snow

The sun warms me now
as we walk


It creates squishy mud
That crawls between 
Puppy toes

She leaves paw prints

Including my heart

3/17 I'm So Lucky

  I'm so lucky to have a birthday on St. Patrick's Day☘️ Everyone likes to celebrate my birthday (even if they don't like green ...