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Celebrating The Lazy Days of Summer

I've been done with school since the 28th of May. TWO weeks already. I haven't written I haven't started planning for next year I haven't thought about students I haven't even thought about my presentation at a conference next week (YIKES) And I really haven't accomplished much of anything. I've spent them at the lake, surrounded by friends and family, and enjoying every minute of it. And food, of course, always lots of food I've taken time to notice the beauty around me And the ways of nature (who knew turtle could move so fast?) I've read THREE adult books! I may have to do a little review of two of them, but trust me on Stephen King's new trilogy ( Mr. Mercedes and Finder's Keepers   are the first two). This is not horror fiction, more detective/crime novels and truly good reads. And I promised myself all of this on that last day. Because I felt out of BALANCE , you see. Those last weeks of sch