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One Little Word 2020 Edition

One Little Word has been in my life since 2012. I like the idea of using one word to focus on during the coming year. I've also found they stay in my life much longer than that. So this year, I wasn't really looking to choose a new word. I was content to live with the old ones. After all, they were good words. I forgot that the word chooses me--like MAGIC . We vacationed in Florida in early December with our youngest son and his family. As we played in the ocean or walked through Animal Kingdom, Greg and I commented many times how  MAGIC al it was to view all this through the eyes of the grandkids. Everything was new. First time on a plane  First time in the ocean, First time at Disney parks.  One became a princess One overcame fears One ate alligator for the first time We saw old things in a new way. And as one grandson said, I had more fun than I've had in a really long time. And then, I went to Hogwarts. And I really saw things in a  MAGIC a