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Many changes have occurred since I created this blog and joined the Slice of Life challenge in 2011. But none bigger than this past year.

I retired.

Honestly, it wasn't in our plan for me to retire yet. I loved my kids and the staff I worked with. I wasn't quite ready to leave teaching. But when my district offered an early retirement plan last January, my husband and I knew I had to take it. More than likely this was the last time it would ever be offered.

To tell the truth, retirement has been wonderful. I sub in my high school so I get to see my kids and my friends a couple of times a week. The best part is, I get all the good times and none of the work that goes along with it. No lesson plans. No grading. I just go home and relax.

I did quit writing for a while--or " paused it" as Terje says. I wasn't sure I had stories left to share, but in January I started a new notebook and a new writing habit. I didn't post writing to my blog every day, but my notebook is full of ideas.

My name is Chloe and this is my blog too--I mean, after all, it is named after me! I've been around the whole time Mom has been writing in March (sometimes I write too). I haven't always liked it because it just takes too much of her time. But now that she is home more it should be OK. 

I really like Mom being home more. We get to go for a lot more walks and we play outside in the yard a lot, even when it's cold! Mom says it's good for us.

We even stayed at the lake longer last year. That was really fun. Even though there weren't as many of my people around, it was cool cuz I didn't have to be on my leash all the time.

The only bad thing about Mom being retired is it really cuts into my beauty sleep. I used to take a long nap in the afternoon but now, with Mom home, I don't get to really sleep. So maybe this year, March won't be so bad! Mom can write and I can sleep. 

Sounds like a good deal to me!

Anyway, welcome to Coffee With Chloe. We hope you'll be back!

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  1. Glad you jumped back into writing! Retirement is a great period of life. Can't wait to read what else Chloe has to say this month.

  2. I'm impressed that you're writing daily. It's a habit that I haven't yet acquired (except every year in March). So maybe this year I'll get better at this habit. Chloe, that's a great pic!

  3. Love it, Deb! I paused blogging for a time in 2017... my summer was packed with kids and grandkids and then the fall was crazy busy. I did some subbing in a transition time years ago. Learned so much and like you, I loved the walk-in and walk-out without other responsibilities.

  4. Deb, glad you're back with us for this journey. I missed your slices as well as those of Chloe. I may have trouble finding something for each day this month without Max' help. Happy writing!

  5. Hooray for retirement where you get to decide your schedule each day. Your slices will give me something to look forward to! Happy March!

  6. We are all in this for another March!!!! Congrats on your new chapter- you are in charge of your time!!!!

  7. Congratulations on your retirement! How exciting!!! I'm glad you have a new notebook and have been writing. Happy Slicing!!

  8. I haven't been blogging much but have been writing. I'm looking forward to the challenge of polishing something for publication every day, even if it's a very small something. I am glad you are enjoying retirement and finding many joys in it.

  9. I am glad that you and Chloe are both joining again! There are some days when I think no lesson plans, grading, and walking out would be wonderful. Thank you for being such a dedicated tribe member!

  10. Happy retirement! And so glad to see our old friend Chloe! It sounds like retirement is bringing lots of new adventures!

  11. So happy to see you BOTH showing up on day one of the 8th year for us! I am so happy to hear that retirement is treating you so good. How amazing that you get to still "go to school" but as you said without all the stress! Enjoy this March!


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