{solsc} 6/31 #sol18 . 3 Things

One of the things I've been doing this year to keep myself writing every day is to write prompts on the pages of my notebook., then, if I can't think of anything to write about, I'm not facing a blank page. The prompts have sparked more than a few ideas. This prompt was "Three Things I Can't Go Without"

1. Morning Coffee. I always have at least two cups. K-cups are my go to on the mornings that I sub. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend and McDonald's are my go-tos on these mornings. Just black. No flavors. And since the high school where I sun has a Keurig in the lounge, I always have a k-cup with me just in case I want one more cup when I get to school.

On those mornings when I don't have to go to work, I make a full pot. Often, I make a flavored coffee (usually from Door County Coffee). I love to sit back and read or write while enjoying these brews. My current favorites are Highlander Grog, Jamaican Me Crazy, and Cranberry Orange Muffin, although that third position changes frequently.

2.  The Lake. I have always had places in my life that soothe my soul. Places where I feel balanced no matter what is going on in my life. There is something so peaceful about sitting beside water and listening to its rhythm. It slows down life, so we appreciate what we have.  I'm counting the days now until we can open the trailer.

3. Family and Friends Although I'm somewhat of an introvert, small close groups are an important part of my life. I need those connections as much as I need

3B) Alone time. I also need that time with no one around to figure out my world, enjoy myself, and recharge my batteries.

So, there you are. Three essential things in my life. What are yours?


  1. Coffee would be on my list too! And alone time! I wake up early every morning just to be sure I'll have it. This is a wonderful idea for a slice--definitely borrowing it this month! (And maybe today--if the slice I'm in the middle of can't work itself out before I'm ready to post.)

  2. Coffee for sure. A Beach during the winter months. A passion satisfied.
    Great prompt !

  3. Three things I can't go without, hmmm . . .
    1. pizza (meaty ones, no mushrooms) 2. my passport (love to travel) 3. books
    I do enjoy coffee, but I need creamer of some sort in it, never been able to do it black.

  4. Deb,

    A fellow morning coffee drinker, a book geek and a solace seeker with tight knit family. I can't ask for more :)

    6 Grandkids is beautiful. You can have special day of week with each one & then have cup of coffee with Chloe on 7th. Cool or Supercool :)

    I am looking forward to your visit to a Child's plea

    Does my mother knows my despair? https://trivediziemba.edublogs.org/2018/03/06/does-my-mother-knows-of-my-despair/

  5. Only three??? Family, a good book and a glass of wine. Oh, probably the most important - chocolate!

  6. Writing a prompt on your notebook pages is a great tip and this particular one is a great idea for a slice. I like how you shared each thing and then dove in to explore it a bit. I'm with you on all of these, though I'm probably more of an ocean person than a lake person.

  7. I like how "family and friends" and "alone time" were part of the "same" number, Deb! As a fellow introvert, I totally get that! And I remember reading your past slices about the lake, so it was fun to be reminded how special it is to you!

  8. I agree with #3 as well - family and friends AND alone time! This prompt provided you the perfect slice for today! Great idea!


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