{solsc} 12/31 #sol18 . Chloe Writes: They Left Me!

They left me again, you know. Just walked out of the house without me. Gave me a treat. Tucked me up on their bed. And left.

At first I didn't think it was a big deal 'cuz they didn't take suitcases and stuff. I really thought they'd be home by dinner time to feed me.



I couldn't believe it. They never forget to feed me. Not that I would have eaten it without them here, but still. Didn't they even think about me before they left?

Later, I went in and layed on the couch and snuggled into Mom's blanket. Do you know what I found?  A treat!  It was sooooo good and it did make me feel a little better, so I took a little nap.

But even I can only sleep so long, so I moved over to the other couch to look out the window and check on the neighbors. But they didn't even leave the curtain open so I could see out.

This day just gets worse and worse.

And then it got dark. I hate the dark. You never know what's creepin' around outside and I couldn't look out the window to even see. I just know that stupid cat was wandering around out there. I barked a little bit to scare it away just in case. But I quit 'cuz it didn't make me feel any better.

They finally came home and it was really, really late. I ate my dinner and then Mom went to bed.  Dad stayed up with me for a little while and we watched TV.  But not for very long 'uz he said he was tired too, so then he went to bed. I went to the kitchen and slept in my kennel then. But I sure wasn't very tired. I slept all day!


  1. Poor Chloe, I can feel your pain. At least they thought enough to leave one, little treat! I really miss having Max talk for me, but he gave us lots of good memories.

  2. It's a hard life when your people leave for the day, Chloe. How thoughtful of mom to leave you a treat to find. I hope you get to go the next time they leave.

  3. What a fun post with a different point of view!

  4. Poor Poor Chloe,

    Oh Deb, you are so wonderful to give voice to Chloe's feelings Remember how Mili directed a book to Barbara Bush about behind the scenes in a day at whitehouse? May be Chloe will direct one to you?

    I hope your vacation was good.


  5. I'm sorry Chloe, but sometimes even people need to get away. Hope mom and dad had a good time!

  6. Chloe, what a boring day! But wasn't it great that they came home? Sorry you weren't tired at the end of the day. It makes you realize how much you need your people around, huh?

  7. Pucck and Snug share Chloe's angst. You should really treat Chloe better, Deb. ;-)

  8. Very humorous, Deb. Chloe knows what makes her happy and obviously this day was a bust.


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