{solsc} 4/31 #sol18 . Harry, Work Your Magic

"I need you to walk into the room, so it magically starts working."

Those were my words to "Harry, the Tech God" on Friday. Because isn't that what always happens when you give up and finally go to the tech guy? They walk in the room and it works.

I'd shown Romeo and Juliet for two days to the freshmen English classes I was subbing in. Everything worked perfectly. But, of course, Friday, the last day I'm in class, I can't get the stupid movie to show up on the Promethean board.

I tried EVERYTHING in my tech arsenal.

  • I turned off the board.
  • I took the DVD out of the player and put it back in again.
  • I restarted the computer.
  • I checked all the connections
Zip. Nada. Nothing.

There was only one thing left to do. Get Harry.

I begin class and Harry works his magic. Oh. It doesn't just magically work. He repeats everything I had already done. Nothing. 

And then he reaches behind the Promethean board and does something. I'm not sure what, but we have LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION.


  1. If you ever get a chance, watch the British comedy, the IT Crowd- it's about the tech department at a company and it is hilarious! Whenever tech gets me down I click over to netflix and watch an episode...laughter makes the best tech frustration medicine!

  2. It's the same when a repairman comes to the house or the mechanic to fix the car. They just look at you like "sure lady, whatever. It's working now!" Glad Harry could fix it quickly.

  3. I have to ask: Wast the board plugged in?
    I know exactly how you feel about tech. It's a blessing and a bane, and it always makes me nervous.

    We all need a Harry in our lives.

    1. It was plugged in. I could get it to do other things, just not show the video

  4. The question is, after he was done, did you say in your best English accent:

    "You're a WIZARD, Harry!!"

    Now, I doubt he'd find as much humor in that as I did, but seriously, we do need tech wizards like Harry in our lives! :)

    Thanks for sharing with us today, and how about those Cadets?? :)

  5. I loved your lead! Yes, that is the way things work. Glad you were able to finish the movie.

  6. As someone married to one of those "magic" tech guys, I know how true this is! (And I also know that sometimes they don't do anything different, but it just decides to start working again!) You'd better find out what he did behind the board so you can try it next time!

  7. Thank heaven for the Harry's in our lives. It always kind of blows me away, though, how that stuff works for them, but not for me!

  8. Always thankful for tech guys like Harry! If it wasn't for Harry, I'm sure one of your students would have figured it out too. Kids are always good with tech ... and not afraid to break anything in the process!


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