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I haven't always loved my St. Patrick's Day birthday, mostly because I always got the ugliest cakes when I was a kid. No pretty flowers puffing up on the top. Just sloppily drawn shamrocks. I've learned to embrace it (and just ask for the frosting flowers instead of shamrocks).  I'm 61 years old today and consider myself pretty lucky in life.

Here are some reasons I'm lucky this year...

1. My birthday is on St. Patrick's Day and everyone likes to celebrate it.

2. Early retirement was offered the exact year that I hit Iowa's rule of 88.

3. My husband and I are in good health and that lets us travel and enjoy this time of our life.

4. My mom is 83 and still in good health. Although she would tell you it's hell to get old, and then complain that she can't do things like she used to. Even her doctor had to tell her, "Pat, you're 83. You're going to take longer to heal and feel better when things go wrong."

5. I like the color green.

6. I have great kids who have given me wonderful grandkids.

7. I really like my daughter-in-law.

8. And the mothers of my other grandkids

9. People like it when I come back to school and sub.

10. Facebook has a "hide this post" feature. 

11. People can't read my mind some days (although facial expressions often give me away). And no one can hear what I want to say,

12. I have a lot of patience with high school kids (Especially boys. Lots of practice. But maybe this is why THEY are lucky).

13.  My voice, my story still matters.

14. I have great friends.

15. We have a place at the lake and lots of time to spend there.

16. My sisters and brother are all in the same town as my mom, so we can get together when I head home. Today they will come out with us and help celebrate my birthday.

17. Green Beer. 


  1. A great way to celebrate your birthday- recalling lucky things. I would say that your positive attitude will help you continue to age gracefully. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! So much to be grateful for, and your piece just exudes gratitude from start to finish! Have a great day :)

  3. Lovely list of blessings! Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, Deb! Thanks for sharing (like me and others) how blessed we are. Have a great birthday celebration - shamrocks & green beer!

  5. Happy birthday, Deb. I loved every one of your reasons though I have to say I'm a bit partial to #10. ;o) Ummm, maybe it's also nice you can give a friend "a rest" for a month as well.

  6. Cheers to green beer. Would love to toast you and your day in person, Deb. This list is a gift to yourself and all who read it. Enjoy your lucky day!

  7. Happy Birthday! So much to be thankful for. You are lucky and smart to recognize it!

  8. Happy birthday, Deb! Love all the things that make you happy. Enjoy your birthday and St. Patrick's Day!
    (and like Cathy, I'm curious about the rule of 88)

  9. I'm guessing rule of 88 is when you combine your age and years of teaching to qualify for retirement. Right? Missouri has a rule of 80. You could have retired eight years earlier. :-) What a great list of blessings on your birthday!

  10. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Deb. Enjoy your special day!

    And, yes, your voice & story still matter! :)

  11. Happy Birthday, friend. I wish you all the happiness and good luck that St. Patrick Day has to offer.

  12. Lots of reasons to celebrate! Thanks for the list and happy birthday!

  13. Happy birthday! I enjoyed reading your list of blessings. I have not always liked my July 4th birthday either. Who wants a red, white, and blue cake?!

  14. I hope the birthday has gone beautifully, Deb, and continues on into more celebrating. Happy Birthday!

  15. I feel your list really tells me who you are. It was nice to share your birthday with you. Happy 61st Birthday! I hope it is a great one!

  16. Happy Birthday. I know what you mean about cakes. My birthday is October 20th, and my cakes were always decorated with Halloween decorations. I love Autumn but hate Halloween!

  17. Lucky, Lucky you.

    Happy Birthday Chloe's Mom :)

  18. Happy Birthday! Your story matters. Your voice matters. You matter. And I think it does matter that you are invited back to sub. Good list. A mixture of big and small good things. I hope you had a wonderful celebration with your family.

  19. Happy birthday, Deb. I love your list of 17 ways you're lucky! #s 9, 14 & 15 are my favorites! Subbing, friends, and your place at the lake!

  20. You have some fabulous celebrations here. Hide on FB is a spectacular feature isn't it?

  21. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful list to be able to celebrate.


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