{solsc} 19/31 #sol18 . Bad Slicing Day

This was a bad slicing day.

And I blame a weekend away, with no internet. That meant I didn't keep in touch with the slicing community. I didn't read any. I didn't comment until we came home last night. So today, there was really no inspiration or no connection to slicing.

I wrote in my notebook this morning, but it was not something I wanted to slice. Just thoughts about being in my hometown this weekend, family, etc.

But what do I write?

Something will come to me. I just know it.

I'll walk Chloe.
Or I'll see a tweet that will inspire a post.
I found a cool paint chip on Pinterest. It would make a great poem.

I'll write something later.

And here it is. Later.

And I've got nothing written.


  1. I think we all have a post or two like this during the challenge. (I think I did on day 9.) But, what's important is you showed up! That's something to be proud of for sure :-) I'm sure that beautiful slice you were envisioning is right around the corner!

  2. I had one of these days too. I'm glad you still wrote. Sometimes that's all we can do and it's ok. :)

  3. I read your post because it sounded like my kindred slice - and yes! It's just one of those days...barely able to get words on a page. Congrats!! You sliced!!

  4. Thank goodness for slices like this... it gets me through when it happens to me, like I know it will. Welcome back.

  5. And this is the definition of CHALLENGE! We know it’s not easy. We know there are hard days and the really hard days. But you came. You showed up. You wrote. That’s a big accomplishment right there! See you tomorrow!


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