{solsc} 30/31 #sol18 . Hello There (A list)

Hello There...

I am not feeling very well, so I'm going to try this list style of post

I keep writing ideas on my Pinterest board, in my notebook and on my computer but they all took too much thought today.

I wish I could write blog posts ahead of time every day. But I can't.

I love these kind of posts when I'm having trouble being prolific

I dance my fingers around on the keyboard, hoping they will work some magic...they didn't.

I sing the Writer's Block Blues the end of every March. 

I think  what I want to write tomorrow to say goodbye to this slicing challenge

I really want to write something fun and playful OR reflective about the month

I need to get my notebook ready for the month of April. I might be done slicing every day, but I am NOT done writing every day.

I should find some new prompts to help me write next week and put them on the pages of the my notebook.

I can take my notebook with me every day and hope inspiration finds me.

I like how I've begun writing prompts and writing quotes on each page of my notebook for the week. I never face a blank page.

I always write better when I keep my notebook with me.

This is an idea I found on my Pinterest board. I pin throughout the year, so when I hit writer's block like I did today, I have something I can write...


  1. Love this so much, Deb! Wish I had come upon it earlier this week when I felt like writer's block had hit. I'll have to save it for a future slice of life post. My favorite from your list is: "I need to get my notebook ready for the month of April. I might be done slicing every day, but I am NOT done writing every day." Appreciate your inspiration!

  2. You are setting new goals for yourself as a writer- good for you and I hope to do the same. :)

  3. Deb,

    I hear you.

    I had a block today as well. I am too tired to write anything but want to push off and continue.

    Best wishes.


  4. Hope you are feeling better, but since its evening and day 31 and you haven't posted, I'm afraid you are stricken with the flu. Maybe you are just having too much fun with your family. Whatever you are doing, I hope it's something good. You might just inspire me to try this notebook thing. We'll see.


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