{solsc} 15/31 #sol18 . Good-Bye Old Friend

Good-bye old friend.
You filled up much faster than I thought you would.
And that's a good thing
But sad also.

I loved looking at your cover every day and
The gentle nudge you provided.

I tried to start writing in you last fall.
Beginnings, I called it.

But then I put you away again
And forgot.

January found me itching to write again.
I dug you out and made a

I dated you.

I prompted you.

I wrote.

Every day.

I filled you with
To remind me
To Write
For me
Because I needed to.

There are post-it notes scattered throughout
With inspiration for new ideas.

There are letters and rants about
and Life
That will never be read
by Anyone
But Me
And that's OK.

I wrote in you for the
Last Time.

But you are not gone.
You will be
Treasured and
Referred to
Many more times
As I continue to
Write My Life.


  1. A special journal to keep on your bookshelf to remind you to write and share (or not). Even though it's full, there is so much there to cherish.

  2. What a journey this book has chronicled! I'm feeling the nudge to keep a notebook. You inspire me to start, someday.

  3. Deb,

    Do you save all of your notebooks?

    If so, do you devote a day / time to go back and reflect on them?

    I like how you are saying good bye and sharing a slice your writing journey. Thanks for the Ann Frank Quote. I thought you wrote Brian Kisses - this is why we need to pay attention to what we are reading. You brought a chuckle to me today.

    Best wishes.


    1. Purviben, I do save notebooks, although I've only been using them for a few years. But I've saved lots of the writing I've done over the years. When I go back to them, I tend to remember who I was when I wrote them rather than the writing itself

  4. A beautiful tribute to your writing journal. I go through phases with my journal. It definitely gets more use this month! Capturing quotes and ideas. Love the photos you added also! Thanks for allowing us to peek inside! Do you have another journal ready to go?

    1. I do. I splurged on one a couple weeks ago. Can't wait to get started.

  5. I'm laughing, Deb, because I have a few on the shelf I'm afraid to begin. I love them, but need to remember they are better full than empty. Thank you for this fun poem and reflection.

  6. I so wish I would become a notebooker! Congratulations for writing every day since January! That is a great start to new "Beginnings".

  7. It's like a love letter to your notebook and you know I love that! Great post, Deb! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. I haven't been keeping notebooks as long as you have, but this one was special. It deserved the love letter

  8. I love how you've personified your writing notebook. Seeing the pages was fun, too. Does Chloe keep a writer's notebook?

    1. Nope. She's a pantser. When she writes it's whatever comes into her head.

  9. I loved the format and feelings of this post. I especially loved how you admitted that it took you awhile (and a lot of purposeful planning) to get going! I don't really keep a notebook... my blog is pretty much my writing life, and that's good for me, but I admire those who do!

    1. if I don't keep the notebook, I'm not so good at the blog writing either. Writing in the morning in my notebook has become a good habit

  10. Clearly, this notebook will always hold special meaning to you. I just started writing in a new notebook after having been without one for a while. This one was given to me at Christmas by a student. I was so touched that he wanted to give me a writer's notebook because he knew I love to write.


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