{solsc} 9/31 #sol18 Of Early Birds and Night Owls

"Maybe you can sleep in tomorrow.  Like maybe til 8."

I chuckle.

My husband and I are TOTALLY different sleepers.

I'm an early bird.
He's a night owl.

I turn off the TV and go to sleep for seven hours.

He starts on the couch with the TV and sleeps for a couple of hours. He moves to the bed. Tosses and turns. Sleeps a couple of hours.
He wakes. Goes to the bathroom. Comes back to bed. Tosses and turns. Sleeps for a couple of hours.
Wakes. Drinks a little milk. Comes back to bed. Tosses and turns. Sleeps for a couple of hours.

This weekend's time change will throw him off.
Me. Not so much.

I like to get moving and get most of my "chores" done by noon, so I have the afternoon to do what I want. Not easy to do when he sleeps later than me. By 5:00PM, my brain shuts down and I don't want have to do anything that really requires thought.

He prefers doing his chores after work...or after supper...there ONCE was an incident of putting furniture together at about 3:00AM. He balances the checkbook, pays bills, plans trips at night. But not easy to always do when my brain has shut down for the day and I don't want to think about those things.

However, in 35 years, we've achieved a balance in our lives and make it work. I stay up later than normal when we go to concerts or are away for the weekend. He gets up early when we travel. Now that we're both retired, we can balance checkbooks, pay bills and plan trips in the afternoon, when we're both ready. 

A little give.
A little take.
A little work when we're both awake.


  1. Ha! We are very different in our house too, me the early bird, him the night owl. Now it is hard for me to fall asleep if he is in bed the same time. We too have made it work for us.

  2. Retirement does make it easier to find a middle ground where everyone has the attention span needed. I'm with you, I'm not good for much in the evening.

  3. I loved your last few lines the most, but you had me laughing the whole time! I really hate mornings, but I also like to go to bed early, so I don't know where I'd fit in your house. I just like to sleep! :-)

  4. I'm an early morning person too. Love getting up early and getting started with my routine. Hubby sleeps in a little later, but is basically an early riser too. Everyone kept telling me that once I retired, I would be able to sleep in - NOT!

  5. Another household of early bird and night owl. How is it that we end up marrying each other? On the positive side, it does give each of us some lovely alone time. Loved your last three lines of striking a balance.


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