{solsc} 11/31 #sol18 A Lovely Way to Spend a Sunday

I remember Sundays before retirement. I'd be up at 6:30, make the coffee and grab the Sunday paper. I'd read it while I drank a couple cups of coffee.

After the paper, I'd check Facebook and Twitter. But also lurking on my computer would be

  • 40+ websites to check blog posts and portfolios
  • writing drafts shared through google docs that needed feedback
  • published writing that needed to be graded
  • assignments from other classes that needed grading
  • emails from kids with questions
All day and into the night I worked on this list, slowly whittling it down. I don't think I ever finished it, but I some point I had to move on to lesson plans for the six different English classes that I taught.


I definitely had a case of the SMONDAYS.
Since I retired, Sundays are more relaxed. I don't have to hurry through the paper. There is nothing to grade. My planning looks like this now
  • two outfits for the week (jeans are always an option)
  • check my calendar  to see what's coming up for the week
  • what movie to watch in the afternoon
  • what should we fix for supper
That's it. 
And let me tell you, it's a lovely way to spend a Sunday.


  1. After years of the first list, you deserve that second list. Before retirement, I felt tired on Sunday night just thinking about Monday. Now, not so tired.

  2. How blessed we are to be retired and actually enjoy our Sundays along with Monday, Tuesday.....

  3. I...am...so...jealous. Enjoy this time. You have earned it.

  4. I just saw the Smondays graphic on Facebook a few hours ago. Funny how it serves as inspiration for your post.

    Delighted you're enjoying the peacefulness of your Sundays now. You deserve it!

    1. Stacey, you just never know where you're going to find inspiration!

  5. Deb - It's so funny how your post and my post have some overlaps in terms of Sundays and retirement. I could definitely take a lesson from you here about relaxing some more on Sundays.

    1. Karen, I practiced a lot in the summer for relaxing Sundays:)

  6. Sundays are one of my favorite days, especially now that I don't have to think about grading and planning. After church is a nap, my favorite Sunday activity, then time for reading the paper, and enjoying a meal with family. Sunday night is Victoria or whatever Masterpiece special we're currently hooked on. Call The Midwives comes back the end of this month! I like your short, easy planning list for the week. You've perfected the art of enjoying Sunday!


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