{solsc} 28/31 #sol18 Nothing is Truly Lost

I couldn't find it.

Three times I went into the basement where I knew I had put it after Christmas. I went upstairs and looked in the Christmas decorations "just in case".

I took a flashlight and did the CSI thing. I double checked the cupboard.

I just couldn't find it.

Throughout the search, my husband kept asking helpful questions like

  • Are you sure it's not upstairs? Yes! I know it is somewhere in the basement.
  • Would you have gotten rid of it? Never! It's Dad's pan. And I use it for lots of things!
  • Why didn't you leave it in the cupboard?  It's. Too. Big. And takes up way too much room.
  • Have you checked the basement again? Yes.
All of this was because he was cooking. Roast, potatoes, carrots in the oven. And he wanted the BIG pan.  

I used it at Christmas when the kids were home. When everyone left, I took it to downstairs.


He walked down the stairs, into the main room, walked over to the shelves, and said, "Here it is."

I swear I looked there. 3 times.

As he walked back up, me trailing behind, he says, "This ought to take off a couple of times. Maybe three or four."

Because you know, I am the Mom/Wife and I am the finder of things.

Except for the big pan.


  1. This was me with my phone today! I searched everywhere, and was convinced I must have left it home. Then I sat down and realized it has been in my pocket all along.

  2. This is me! On a constant and ongoing basis. One of my friends just gave me a birthday card, "Welcome to the Wonder Years." Inside it said, "I wonder where I put my phone, I wonder where I put my glasses, I wonder where I put my keys, etc., etc., etc." It was perfect!

  3. Ha! So true ... I have been 110% positive something was somewhere specific. And it wasn't there. Crazy how that happens!

  4. I'm just glad it was found! When a husband is making roast, potatoes, and carrots, I'd be looking for the pan for him too.


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