{solsc} 16/31 #sol18 . Chloe Writes: Floppy Ears Suck

I hate floppy ears. I wish my ears stuck straight up. Then they would dry out and not get all sore and red and itchy. Mom wouldn't have to clean them all the time

but I do get a pretty good treat when she's done :)

And I hate having them brushed every day. Sometimes it hurts!

but I do get a pretty good treat then too :)

 I've been shaking my head a lot. Mom was cleaning them every day (and giving me treats), but they weren't getting better. Mom and Dad say it's ear infection. So now she's putting drops in my ears that really do help (and I get treats). I'm not shaking my head so much 'cuz my ears don't hurt and itch.  The best part about all of this (besides the treats) is that after the drops and after the treat, Mom lets me sit with her and she rubs my ears for a long time. That feels really good and pretty soon they don't bug me anymore.

I do get kinda sleepy when she does that. But Mom says that's OK because naps help you get better. Right?

Until the next time Mom let's me write,


  1. Awwww. my dog, Arlo, could respond to this post! He's just recovering from a really bad ear infection himself. Poor guy. Hope Chloe is feeling better soon!

  2. I send you best wishes for quickly healing. Those ears can be 'ruff'. -Griffin the Rescue Pup.

  3. I loved reading this! It made me feel so happy. I'm now wondering what my own Charlie would say if I let him write.

  4. Well, Chloe, you have been very busy this week with all the writing. I hope Mom is giving you extra treats for these slices. Hope your ears are better soon, but I'm sure you'll draw it out as long a possible for all that special attention and treats!

  5. Poor Chloe. I hope you get better soon, and the treats and gentle ear rubbing don't stop. Sleep well.

  6. Chloe,

    It is always good listening to your stories. Hope your ear infection goes away soon. Don't you have the best mom and dad a pup can ask for? Make sure to treasure them as much as they treasure you.

    Kepp writing your stories. May be mom will collect them and you may be a published author one day. Do you think you will have tons of treats when you go on book tour? Would you give autograph or a lick to a kid when he come & bring you Your book?

    Till we meet again.


  7. Ear infections are no fun for anyone, human or canine! Glad the drops are working.

  8. I love the repeated mention of treats. You can feel Chloe's excitement in spite of having to deal with the nastiness of an ear infection. Hope she fully recovers quickly (and gets more treats!).

  9. I just love reading Slices from a pet's perspective, but I've never tried it myself. I think you captured the things Chloe likes and doesn't like very well. Hope her ears get better soon!


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