{solsc} 24/31 #sol18 . Celebrating The Storm That Wasn't and other silly things

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All week they've been preparing us. Lots of wet heavy snow was heading our way. Rumors of 10 inches of the stuff are being whispered.


Yesterday we were upgraded to a warning from 7:00pm until about 10:00am on Saturday. 4-8 inches of snow. Then 6-10 inches. Forecasters did say this was a narrow swath of heavy snow. Around this area would be significantly less. 


By the 6:00pm news and weather, the timing had changed and so had our forecast. The storm was moving west and south of us and now our warning started at 10:00pm and would last until noon on Saturday.  The good news? Totals were expected to be in the 3-6 inch range.

I go to bed. My weather app says snow will start at 10:47pm


I woke up a little before 7:00am, fully expecting a "winter wonderland" when I put Chloe out. 
And I mean nothing. Everything looks exactly as it did yesterday.
I check road conditions. 9 miles west of us the snowplow cameras show snow covered roads. My friends and family are posting snow pictures on Facebook.


I check the weather online and our warning now extends until 4:00pm today. We're still in the 3-6 inch range with lots of wind and blowing snow.

By the time I shower, make coffee, and write this blog post, the forecast has changed again. Winter Weather Advisory and up to 2 inches of snow. No. Big. Deal.  And, oh yeah, we have a few flakes coming down.

Other things I'm celebrating:
  • Kids who welcome me every time I sub
  • Giggly freshmen girls. They annoyed me when I taught them every day, now they make me smile.
  • Not having to teach a certain kid every day
  • Subbing outside my comfort zone. This week I was in Industrial Tech and Math!
  • Baby news from a friend and baby pics from another
  • NO storm means we can go out for dinner tonight if we want!


  1. HA! Loved this post. When a storms a' comin', I prepare myself with good eats, a line of shows to watch, and a bottle of wine. I excitedly cancel plans. Sometimes, plans change. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I did all that yesterday! Now we'll just enjoy them without the snow :)

  2. Storm not coming is better than storm coming without a warning. Enjoy your dinner.

  3. Sometimes I wonder about these forecasters - just trying to cover all spectrums. Glad there was no or little snow and that you had a great week.

  4. Love the Storm Warnings that never materialize. I remember those Iowa days. Do you know the poem “Storm Warnings”?

    1. I don't. But I'm looking it up!

    2. Done, I believe

      Storm Warning byAdrienne Rich


      Thanks ladies for continue to teach me.

      We also went through Impending storm to flacks recently.

      Best wishes.


  5. We had a similar non-storm earlier this week! Everyone was convinced we'd have a snow day on Wednesday (and I kept telling them that I never believe it until I see it, because I'd rather be surprised than disappointed!) and we woke up to a measly little dusting. At least you can go out to dinner!

  6. I am fine with the non-materialized storm. My mind wants Spring! Mark

  7. Love it when those winds blow and shift the weather away. The red storm warning was very effective. Enjoy whatever snow you get.

  8. This reminded me of the time our school was cancelled in anticipation of a snow storm that never arrived. We called it the No Snow Snow Day!

  9. It reminds me of Uri Shulevitz's book, "Snow"
    "Snow flakes don't listen to radio. Snow flakes don't watch television. All snowflakes know is snow, snow, snow" You just never know! I hope you enjoy whatever weather you get :)


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