{solsc} 23/31 #sol18 . Silly Subbing Snippet

There's always a little silliness at the beginning of class when I sub in my own high school. This is one of those silly little moments, but it made me laugh out loud. D is one of my former speech kids. He's loud, silly and likes to procrastinate working in class.  M is the sister of a favorite student., but I don't know her well yet. They've been chatting and giggling in their table group for about ten minutes. Over Clemintines :)

D: Can I go to my locker?

Me: No. Because you haven't done squat yet.

M: D. Do a squat!

D: Huh?

M: She said you hadn't done squat. Do a squat. Do 2!

D does a squat. Looks at me while I am laughing.

D: Well?

Me: Go!  (How could I say no?)


  1. That's pretty funny! Although, I think if I had to deal with D on a daily basis, I might not find it quite so amusing. Good job keeping your sense of humor! I'm sure the kids love it when you sub. :)

  2. Funny story, but you missed the opportunity to wear D down w/ squats. :-)

  3. Now that's using language to one's benefit.

  4. A sense of humor is essential for teachers. And I love that you were able to go with the flow in this interaction. Happy subbing! I know they're glad you're there.

  5. Of course you had to say yes! I love this humorous moment and the joy you are clearly bringing with you everywhere you go!

  6. That is funny! How could you say no!

  7. Deb,

    Cool slice. Thanks for the smile.

    Kids! I think they knew you have sense of humor AND you are fair so they took a chance & it was win all around. :)


  8. A sense of humor is vital with all kids. If you always have that ticket into your subbing supplies you’ll have it made! Love the exchange!


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