{solsc} 7/31 #sol18 . I Got The Music In Me

I can't sing (well)
I don't play an instrument (although I played clarinet in 5-8 grades)
But it doesn't stop me from loving music.

I often wake in the morning with a song going through my head. Sometimes it happens during the day because of something I've heard. Right now, of course, I have the song I Got The Music in Me going through my head because my daughter-in-law shared the video on Facebook last night and I watched it this morning (it's also the inspiration for this post).

My husband, our sons, our daughter-in-law are all the same way. We love the music.  My husband's favorite Christmas gifts to buy each year are the CDs he finds for the boys and our daughter-in-law. While I do the rest of the shopping, he spends days and days looking for just the right music gifts. He's usually spot on in his choices as evidenced in the sharing of the music between "the kids".

Last summer my husband and some friends went to several concerts of "old timers" who were touring around our area. Each concert was amazing in its own unique way and we'd drive home singing the songs of our youth.

We're starting "Tour 2018" today with a trip to Iowa City to see Arlo Guthrie. We've found the set list he usually plays, listened to a few songs to get us in the mood, and most importantly, put the address of the venue in the car navigation system!

I'm sure tomorrow's post will be about the concert. In the meantime, how about sharing your favorite songs or favorite concerts with me. I've got some tour dates to fill!


  1. I am exactly the same way! I grew up with music on in every room and listening to my walk-man all the time. Picking my favorite song is so hard there are too many to choose from! The best concert I ever went to was a small show by a pretty unknown artist named Meiko in Chicago and there were probably only 50 people in the whole venue. She played barefoot and my friend and I got her handwritten set list after the show. A few years ago I saw Fleetwood Mac with my parents too and that was awesome. Music is a language we can all understand:) Have fun at your concert!

  2. I never know the names of songs, they don't seem to announce them on the radio like in the olden days. As a kid my transistor was pressed to my ear and my heart kicked it up a notch when Lightnin' Strikes by Lou Christie came on. Still love it! Lately I am enjoying Pink, Beautiful Trauma. If you have the chance to ever see Michael Buble, go!

  3. I do believe music is good for the soul, and we tap into the music we need at different times. Enjoy Arlo!

  4. Music just seems to make everything better. I love the Oldies and find amazing how after all these years, the words still come back to me. Lately we've been enjoying some acapella groups - Straight No Chaser, Home Free, Pentatonix. Looking forward to reading about your concert.

  5. John Denver in the round was unforgettable(I am showing my age!)

    1. I've never seen John Denver in concert, but my dad listened to him all the time as I was growing up! I would have loved to see him perform!

  6. As Judy commented, I believe that music seems to make everything better. I was fortunate to take piano lessons and flute lessons beginning when I was young. My children both take music lessons as well, mostly because I wanted them to have a music rich experience as I did! I bet Guthrie would be amazing to see in concert! Perhaps you'll write a slice about the concert?


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