Wednesday, March 1, 2017

{solsc} 1/31 #sol17 Chloe Writes: Why You Shouldn't Write in March

Chloe here. I'm taking over today before Mom writes. I just have one thing to talk about today--that stupid March blogging thingamajig.

Oh, Geez. Here she goes again! Every year she has to whine about this.


For years my mom has written during March. I really don't care about the first year. I wasn't even born yet. But let me tell you about the last few of years. By the time I get done, you will understand why you shouldn't  even begin to write.....

Please. Don't listen to her.

First, do you realize you have to write every day??? Every day for a month. You have to find a time to write, you know. When are you going to do that?  Probably during the time you should be taking your cute little furry sons and daughters for a walk or playing with them.

Actually, I write with my students at school during Creative Writing 
or in the morning before  I go to school.

Second, you have to think of something to write about Every. Single. Day.  Think about that.  Unless you have a cute, furry, intelligent fur baby like me, you probably aren't that interesting. Just what will you write about?

I started a Pinterest board with writing ideas. 
I found last year that this really helped. Also, don't be 
afraid to copy the style of a post you like. Slicers 
don't mind imitation!

Third, the stress. You'll always be thinking about what you are going to write next. Then you'll worry about when you are going to post. And is your post good enough to even share?  Trust me. Your mental health can't take writing for a month. Cuddle your fur baby instead.  That will keep your stress level under control.

Whoa, Chloe! No stress.  And we all write posts that aren't the best.
The important thing is we are writing. Sharing our story. 
Slicers  understand we can't always write a masterpiece!

And then, of course, you aren't done with the writing of a post. You have to COMMENT on other people's posts! Really. You are supposed to go and read what other people write and tell them how good they did. 

Now she's just being ridiculous. Yes. You should read and comment on other posts.
But it's not that big of a deal.
It's one of my favorite parts of the March challenge.
I started in 2011 and made great blogging friends. They are the first 
people  I visit each day.  And then, I try someone new.  It's fun and relaxing.

Whatever, Mom.  It's a silly challenge. I know you won't give it up,  'cause you always tell me "If you're going to be a teacher of writers, you have to write."  I don't even know what that means. You don't have to have fur to be a mom to a fur baby, why do you have to write to teach it?  Crazy.

Well, that's it for today. Don't listen to Chloe. The Slice of Life Challenge 
is fun, exercises your writing muscles, and you'll make some new friends.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play with my spoiled dog!


  1. It looks as though Chloe's dog dish is half empty, but she makes some valid points.

    I've been swamped w/ letters of recommendation and grading the past few weeks. Also, I'm going to Europe the last half of the month. Still, I'll try to keep up w/ writing and commenting. I always try to offer more than three comments each day.

    1. Dollars for Scholars applications were due today. It seemed like every time I opened my email, there was a new one to complete. I'll be glad when scholarship season is over !

  2. I was so excited yesterday when you mentioned that Chloe would be kicking off your slicing month. Love your wrap-up of reasons to participate: "The Slice of Life Challenge is fun, exercises your writing muscles, and you'll make some new friends." I agree!

    1. Deb, I just checked out your Pinterest board. What a lovely gift you've shared with us. Thank you!

    2. You're welcome, Ramona. We have to share the resources!

  3. Chloe and Mom, you outdid yourselves today. Max enjoyed the post as well and is of the same mind. I'm sure you'll be hearing from him later this month. Happy writing!

  4. Well, Chloe, it "is" a masterpiece, and I guess you'll have to live with your mom during one more month of writing. Looking forward to more from you! And from your mom too, who is a wise writer!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Linda. Can you believe this is our 7th year?

  5. Chloe! Bad dog! Listen to "Mom" for once and get those writing muscles moving! She's a teacher, so she might know what she's talking about here.

    All thought, as a dog, I'm very impressed with your style, so please, continue writing for us and flex your own muscles! :)

    Thank you for the slice today!

  6. In my house I need to substitute my husband for Chloe's voice. He doesn't get it either. Chloe, you can share mom for just one month, right?

  7. Such a cute take on the PROs of the writing challenge. Sorry, Chloe, your CONs are overrated. Here's to a great month!

  8. That precious puppy makes some good points! Lol

  9. Love, love, love when Chloe speaks up. She has valid points. Good that you still write. And Chloe will enjoy your writing even if she doesn't say so.

  10. Wow, such points, much learn.

  11. Oh, Chloe ... you silly dog. Just wait until you become the SUBJECT of one of your mom's slices. One word: Celebrity! You will be one popular pooch! Perhaps if she is busy writing ... you can find some trouble, er, I mean, some fun things to do! Happy writing to you both!

  12. Oh, hey Chloe! It's wonderful to hear from you this first march Challenge day - I'm looking forward to hearing your stories!

  13. "You don't have to have fur to be the mom of a fur baby" this is the best comeback, Chloe. But she is do have to write if you want to be a GOOD writing teacher!


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