Tuesday, February 28, 2017

{solsc} #sol17 0/31 Are You Ready???

A restlessness wove its way through me.
I didn't recognize it.
What found it's way into my heart and soul?

And then I remembered.

It's almost March.
Time to reflect. Time to share stories.
Time to write.

And so, I readied myself.  I set up all my posts. I checked my Pinterest board for ideas. Chloe wrote the first post.
                                                      See you tomorrow.


  1. Yup, it's that time of year to scour the daily events for slicing material. Glad you will be back. Can't wait to read what Chloe's been thinking about.

  2. I am so excited to start. This is just what I need to drive away the February blahs.

  3. So happy to continue our journey thru this March. Looking forward to Chloe and your slices.

  4. Glad to hear that Chloe will be ready, too! Hard to believe that we've been doing this 7 years, Deb.

  5. I saw something the other day about retirement and Hawaii and it made me think of you! I see you have been pinning about Nashville. Are you taking a trip soon? My sister lives down by there and we always go tho the Opry Mills Mall! Fun place to visit.

    1. Nashville will be our first "big" trip of my retirement. We are planning on going in October with our favorite travel partners :)

    2. That is the PEFECT time to go! The mountains are so beautiful that time of year!

  6. Here we go, Deb!!! I'm excited to have more Chloe time and reading your slices. Let year 7 be just as magical as ever!

  7. I'm more ready this year than any year before. Really excited to begin

  8. Can't wait for Chloe's post. I'm so impressed that you've set up all your posts. And I'm looking forward to time to share stories with so many writing friends.

  9. Here we go and your blog is always one of my favorite stops. How many years have you done this, Michelle? Looking forward to the journey --- and challenge.



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