Monday, March 27, 2017

{solsc} 27/31 #sol17 All-State

I spent today with some of my speech kids at the Individual All-State Speech Festival. It is an amazing day full of outstanding performances from high school kids. And even though I coach some of them, it still amazes me that these are high school kids.

And then, I feel like a fake.

Because here's what I know. I don't really have a whole lot to do with how good my students are when they perform.  Oh, I offer suggestions how to interpret things. I tell them if something isn't working. I help write introductions. But the hard work?  That's the kids.

The really good ones, come with a piece that they have found and believe in. They find time in a really busy schedule to practice their piece one (or two) more times before they go home. These kids, they're never satisfied, it's never good enough.  They constantly try new ways to say and do things, they record themselves and watch it back, and they ask, "What about if I do it this way?"

And they deliver. They are all in. They share their pieces with pride, passion and poise.

You can't coach that.


  1. I was a speech and debate student back in the day and this brought back fun memories. And, yes, my coach had a tremendous impact! Be proud and pat yourself on the back, too! :)

  2. I know your encouragement means so much to your students. I am glad you get to work with such talented and hard working kids (almost adults!)

  3. I agree, and understand what you mean. But Diane said what I was going to say. You may not make them do and re-do, etc., but you are there to encourage and hug and smile, etc. They need that too so they can keep practicing and questioning.

  4. You are an important part of their team. In our high school, the students adored Ms. Caplinger, affectionately known as "Cap." Her support and encouragement was invaluable, as I'm sure yours is. An integral part of their pride, passion, and poise comes from you, their beloved coach.


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