Saturday, March 11, 2017

{solsc} 11/31 #sol17 I Did Not Plan Ahead

Why didn't I think ahead?
Why did I go to Leigh Anne's party
Yesterday I had time
to write. 
I could have written a post about
State Speech
my kids
the snowstorm coming tomorrow.
But no.
I took the easy way out
and joined the party
(and it was fun)
But today
After 14 hours with
HUNDREDS of teenagers 
I have to think of something to write about.
I should have had Chloe write a post.


  1. Oh well, I think you did just fine today. Saw you had several ones today. Good for your kids and your last trip to state.

  2. Ha! You do what you can do some days and this still turned out pretty good! But I wonder ... what did Chloe do all day? She probably had some free time on her hands, er, I mean paws ....

  3. Great poem! Love the last line. Sometimes the party is more fun.

  4. But you did write! And you made us laugh! I loved the party too!

  5. 14 hours and hundred teenagers - impressive. Makes sense that you packed your thoughts and feelings into a poem. No more words needed.

  6. Chloe didn't really need to help! You have a fine slice here! BUT that said, you should never party hard when you know you lose an hour's sleep! LOL!

  7. Great slice. So glad you enjoyed the party and spending time with your kids. We'll look forward to Chloe's slice in the near future.

  8. When in doubt, turn to the dog!
    I took a peek at your favorites list. Love it. I spent yesterday (all day) editing a newsletter. I didn't comment, but I'm overachieving today! That's a great lake view. You're lucky to have the water! And how did your kiddos do at state speech?