Monday, March 20, 2017

{solsc} 20/31 #sol17 Spring To-Do List

Yea! Spring. And here in northeast Iowa, the snow is gone (well, except for the really big piles where the plows dumped).  Of course, my tulips have been three inches above ground the last two snowfalls, but that's besides the point.

I needed something to write about today, so thought I'd use today's prompt in Creative Writing:

10.  Poke around the yard and see what's growing. We planted a few perennials last year. Let's see what survived.  And, if it looks like something didn't....
9. Look through gardening catalogs and hit up the greenhouse and see what they have growing. Growing things are a must during early spring!
8. Check out Pinterest for cute outdoor decorating ideas.
7. Sit on the back deck with a glass of wine and dream about summer.
6. Watch Chloe chase the squirrels from the yard.
5. Watch the squirrels torment Chloe from the top of the tree.  When she starts dancing around the tree on her hind legs, it's pretty cute.
4. Grill
3. Sit in the sun somewhere and just enjoy the warmth.
2. Go mushroom hunting. As warmer weather comes, so do the morels! 

OK, OK, OK. This is Chloe and I'm taking over here. The NUMBER 1, THE ONLY thing you should do in the spring is go for a walk with ME!

Geesh, Chloe. No need to be rude. It's finally nice enough. We're going after school!


  1. a useful form / idea for slice and when otherwise at a loss for what to post about -- even you ignore the list. hmm, maybe that would be another list...

  2. My favorite, #7. I think you could get a lot of company on that one. But I'm also a fan of enjoying the warmth of the sun. Have fun walking Chloe.

  3. Way to go Chloe! Get your Mom up and moving, but I'm kinda partial to No. 7!


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