{solsc} 9/31 #sol17 This Time Next Week

Saturday is State Speech
Our season is ending
Next week
I won't have to be 
at school
at dawn
leave at sunset.

Next week
Kids won't want to practice
during my
"free time"
after track
or during their study hall
my class

Next week
There will be
no more 
funny conversations
or serious ones
or prom ones.
There will be 
no more
No More.


  1. Good luck to your team! It sounds like you will not be coaching in the future? It also sounds like the speech team is a lot of fun and a lot of work. How rewarding for you!

  2. Hope all goes well at competition. Good luck to your kids. Your room will still holds lots of chatter, even if it's just the walls talking.

  3. Ah! Speech kids. My least favorite part of the year is saying "good-bye" -- except it's hard to miss them the first day I walk out the door at 4 p.m. to the sun shining and make a hot meal. But, by the 3rd day of leaving at a reasonable hour I miss them. :)

  4. It sounds like this is something you are going to miss this last ... a lot. Those kids will still be there. You can still come back and help out. They will always need an audience. :) Hang in there, Deb. Live in these moments and hold them near to your heart.


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