Wednesday, March 15, 2017

{solsc} 15/31 #sol17 Time Passes, And So Will He

He started the semester a month late. Oh, he was supposed to be here. He just didn't come. And then, when he did start, he missed two or three times a week. Not very conducive to getting work done---especially Speech.

Those days he missed often coincided with days he was supposed to deliver a speech. And then he wouldn't be ready. He is a really nice kid, very personable. But he wasn't doing the work. Out of the four speeches we do during the first quarter of the class, he did ONE of them. 

So he was failing. And not doing very much about it until last week when I wrote this on my white board.

Yesterday he was ready with the one that was due AND the very first "real" speech we do. He asked if he could do them both. I said sure  (I'm more concerned that he shows what he can do rather than he can do it on time). And he did great. 

There's one more he needed to do. I asked him about it. He tells me he will be ready today.

And he was.

The thing is. He does a really good job giving speeches. He looks up at the audience, he has a really nice speaking voice and he knows what he's talking about.  

And now I have proof.

When he was done today and working on the next speech we will give, I figured out his grade. He went from 38% to 75%. He had a huge grin on his face when I told him. 

"I just don't do well with public speaking, Mrs. Day."

"But you do." And I shared with him all the things he does well--and so did some classmates.

"Now, next quarter, let's not go through this again," I said.

"No problem!"

And you know what? I'll bet it won't be.


  1. Yay for him, yay for you! Can he do it? You bet! Love the way you dealt with this issue.

  2. Love the red letters above your whiteboard -- "Time passes; will you?"

  3. I like that message, too. Sometimes patience and subtle words work magic, and a gentle teacher, too! Good for him!

  4. A little motivation, a little encouragement and an improvement to show what it takes. Good for you & especially for him!

  5. I have a feeling that this won't happen again. You have given him the confidence and the push to be his best self.

  6. A perceptive and flexible approach, sympathetic to the needs of individual students. Every student deserves such support. Well done Deb. You read this learning situation so aptly and gave your student a chance to grow much needed self belief.