{solsc} 24/31 #sol17 Prom Season

It's Prom season, you know, and I HATE, HATE, HATE Prom. Just ask my students. The drama drives me crazy. But today, in my Contemporary Lit class, I was reminded  of the kindness of teenagers. And it just might help me enjoy chaperoning this year
                Yes. I have to chaperone Prom my last year at school. My junior homeroom kids chuckle                     every time I complain.

One of my senior girls has made it her mission to make sure a senior boy has a prom date. Now the boy is a great kid, but he can be annoying. Not many social skills.  He probably isn't going to get a date.

And a friend in her class just broke up with her boyfriend of a couple of years. And this girl is going through some really tough personal things right now. And not always making good choices in her personal life. But she wasn't going to Prom because of the break-up.

Two seniors connected by another senior.

And now, they are going to Prom together.

The boy wasn't sure the girl was serious. Was she just making fun of him? He was assured the girl was serious.  During my Contemporary Lit class, the girl and the boy Facebook messaged the entire time....planning what to wear (top hats, I hear) and making plans.  The girl had the biggest smile on her face I've seen in awhile.  I'm sure he did too.

And so, two seniors going to Prom as friends, and making sure the other enjoys a rite of passage.

Sounds like a good time to me.


  1. Now that would be a sight to see, for your last prom.

  2. This makes me happy. I so love this.

  3. Nice - makes me smile and reassures me of the true hearts our biggest kids have for one another.

  4. This is a story of kindness- hope it stays that way.
    But how is it that they can Facebook message throughout your class???


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