{solsc} 31/31 #sol17 The Final

It's day 31 and the final day of the Slice of Life Challenge.  The last couple of years, I quit. Didn't finish. Failed.

I let the "I'm too busy" excuse convince me it was OK to accept less than my best.

Want to know the difference this year?  

My kids.

I've always tweeted out my blog posts. And I knew people read them---I just never thought about my students reading them. But they'd come in and comment on something I'd written.  This Time Next Week was a post that was shared by a few of my speech kids. It hit us all that speech was over and my time with them was going to be done.  

A former student tweeted me and said when she saw I had posted she secretly hoped the post would be about her :)  I haven't yet, but I will.

The thing was, when I knew that a few of them were reading them, I didn't want to miss a day. I expect them to write every day (to be fair, I share a prompt with them in case they can't think of anything to write about), so I couldn't give up!

So congrats to everyone who wrote every day. And congrats to those who didn't. You still wrote more than you would have if you didn't join the challenge.


  1. a good reminder...our students are watching and listening to us. Congrats for making it all the way thru.

  2. Funny how we are motivated so much by setting an example for our students. Good for you, and good for them for motivating you!

  3. Woo hoo! You did it and the students reading your posts made the difference.

  4. That's fantastic!!!! Our kiddos are always watching us. I need to keep this in mind. :)

  5. While my students aren't normally reading my blog (boring!) or my tweets (you tweet WAY too much), they do follow my Instagram page. This is both fun and scary, but it's our way of being role models outside of that school setting. That's powerful. And I enjoy doing it.

    Thank you for posting this (a few days ago) and enjoy the wild finish that will come! :)

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