Wednesday, March 22, 2017

{solsc} 22/31 #sol17 The Start of the Final Quarter

It's no surprise that I am retiring. 
I mean, I've know for quite awhile that this would be my last year.
I talk about it.
Joke about it.
Laugh about it.
Cry about it.
Dream about it.

But if I'm honest about it, it just didn't seem real. 

And then today, I sat down as I always do at the beginning of a quarter. I had my little calendar sheets in front of me. I started penciling out lessons for the quarter....

And I started to think about it....

This is it.

The final quarter.


It's getting real now...


  1. I often wonder how I will feel when that happens to me. I hope you enjoy retirement.

  2. My retired friends say it really hits you when everyone you know is going back to school & you aren't. Have a BLAST in your final quarter.

  3. Part of me is a tad bit jealous (rough meeting started our day off on slippery slope of creating a divisive culture) and the other part of me just cannot imagine not spending my days in the company of little folks. Best wishes for a great final quarter and an even better retirement!

  4. Excitement, nostalgia, and reflection all wrapped into one moment.

  5. My father, 17 years retired from his long teaching career, has run around loving life to the fullest. His comment at the retirement party held for him, "I have 30 years worth of reading to catch up on." I would imagine, the same might be said for you too! :)

    Enjoy every moment for your last quarter, then, every moment of your retirement! You will be missed, that is for certain!