Monday, March 6, 2017

{solsc} 6/31 #sol17 The Purge Begins

"Ewww! Is that hair in your closet?"

I laughed and pulled the blond wig off the top shelf.

"Why do you have a mullet wig in your room?"

Like many odd things in my room, it was left by a student. This particular wig (yes, there have been others) was used by a young woman showing us the proper technique for straightening your hair.

The wig has had a long life. It gets pulled out of the closet for any type of skit or activity. And sometimes, it just gets worn for the heck of it.

It sits upon a rag doll used last year in a speech commercial for "Ginger B Gone". The doll is creepy. I won't lie to you, as it moves about my room, it always seems to find a place to sit and stare at me.  But the doll also gets used for class activities. This year it appeared in a lip synch during Drama class. I keep trying to get her owner to take it home, but so far, no luck.

The whisper phones have had a long life. Made for me by a former principal, they have been used to read aloud, to practice speeches, and to read writing while editing and revising. They also seem to be as fun as Legos, since more than once, students have taken them apart and created sculptures with them.  They've been nabbed by the choir teacher.

Do you see the screwdriver in front of my computer?  The thing is huge. It came with my desk and I have no idea how long it has been there. I have great fun with it because anytime a student ask me for something weird (and it happens a lot), I say, "No. But I have a screwdriver." and then pull this out.  I've decided it stays with my desk when I leave.

There is an unwritten rule with my speech kids that if you are late for practice you owe me chocolate. This year one of my senior boys was late to improv. This is what he brought me. Chocolate syrup.

If nothing else, it's a great conversation starter.  And it will get used at our speech awards banquet later this month.

Well, that's all for this installment of "The Purge". Stay tuned. There's more weirdness where this came from.


  1. This piece made me giggle. Isn't it amazing the stuff we acquire over the years. When I switched classrooms 2 years ago I was floored with the stuff I had! Happy cleaning and purging 😁

  2. I can't even imagine all of the "fun" and "interesting" stuff that I will find when it is my turn to retire

  3. Some of the things I've brought home have gone to the grand-girls, and like you, some silly things moved on to the next teacher. It was hard leaving, but piece by piece I did it. You can too!

  4. Love the back stories! I hope that these stories are making your purge easier because I am sure it is difficult.

  5. Oh the treasures you will find ... and the stories they will tell! Can't wait to hear more!

  6. Perhaps it's the purview of speech and drama teachers, but I have weird stuff in my room, too, including a collection of hats, a costume box, and a prop box. I have started a list of people to whom I'm bequeathing my stash when I retire in a couple of years.

    That PVC pipe is something else, however. You could go into the plumbing business!

  7. It was amazing the things I kept in SIX years at my last job. All of the 2009 weekly calendars that they used to print for our mailbox? I might need those. Keep 'em in a file. Lunch menu from November 2009? Could be handy. Ugh, my poor custodians taking out the recycling...

  8. And so the purging begins. I'm sure that you will come across a lot of "why did I keep this" items, but they all have memories. Thanks for sharing your memories with the purge.


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