Sunday, March 12, 2017

{solsc} 12/31 #sol17 Speech Happies

Nine Division 1 rating and 7 Division 2 ratings. My co-coach and I are happy. Yesterday was a good day at State Speech. But, Uffda! It was a long one. Up at 4:00am. On the bus at 5:15am for an hour and a half bus ride. A full day of performances and running around campus. We finally arrived home at 7:00pm. 

Trust me. The wine at the end of the day tasted really good.

There are lots of things to celebrate besides ratings though. 
  • Students themselves could see the growth they made-even if they didn't get a 1.
  • The smile and thrill of the freshman who received ones from all his judges (there are 3 at state) and the jacket his parents had to buy him because of it.  Evidently, the jacket was all the incentive he needed.
  • We had a "Promposal" yesterday also. And the best part was they met at the speech contest a couple of weeks before.
  • Seniors who tried new events and wished they had tried them before
  • Making judges cry
  • Parents who drive an hour and a half to see their son or daughter perform for five minutes
  • Chocolate malts while we waited for the final results.


  1. Oh, your joy is evident in every word of this post. What a day -exhausting, yes, but fulfilling too! Wonderful speech happies, love the pics.

  2. A long, but fabulous day. It sounds like it was a day filled with little celebrations.


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