Thursday, March 23, 2017

{solsc} 23/31 #sol17 So I Hear It's National Puppy Day

So, I hear it's National Puppy Chloe Day.  I guess Mom and Dad must have forgotten all about it. There were no presents, no special treats, not even a walk outside.

Zip. Nada. Nothing.

You think they could have thrown me a bone.

I guess they think a dog's life is easy.  They think all I do is sleep all day and wait for them to come home. They just don't understand all the work I do while they're gone.

First of all, I keep all the strangers--people and animals-- out of our yard and away from our house. If I wasn't here, barking and scaring them away, I don't know what would happen. The squirrels and stray cats would probably take over the yard. And that creepy guy with the hat who puts stuff in the box on the house?  Who knows what he would do.

And then, there's their beds.  If I didn't spend time every day, keeping the bed warm and fluffing the covers think about how cold and uncomfortable their bed would be!

All I ask is a little appreciation. Is that too much to ask?

And a bone. A bone would be nice.


  1. I love the voice here! Happy Chloe Day!

  2. These puppy posts are giving me life. Kisses to you, Chloe!


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