Sunday, March 31, 2013

#31 0f 31 Chloe Says Good-bye

Dear Slicers,

I can't believe March is over. It went really fast this year! And, I didn't mind it so much this time 'cuz while Mom was writing, I was having lots of fun.

First of all, I made a new friend this month. His name is Sam and we are penpals!  Our mom's let us write to each other once in awhile.  We both like the snow and playing outside. Sam also likes Legos (I just like to eat them) and is learning about the Titanic.  Mom showed me a video of the Titanic. That was one big boat.

Also this month, I got to see my cousin dogs and their kids a lot. Teddy and Bella came to see me for Mom's birthday. We raced around in the yard a lot. We also played with the kids.

Then last weekend, Mom and Dad went somewhere without me. But it was OK, because I got to go to Teddy's house and see him and his kids again. That's always fun.  

And this weekend we all went to Bella's house to play with her and her kids. Sometimes they left me and Bella home, but that was OK 'cuz we were together and not alone. It was really nice outside, so all of us played outside in the afternoon. I really wish Mom would have let me off my cable to run after the balls and the kites. That would have been fun, but Bella and I just had to sit and watch. I really think I could fly a kite if they just tied it to may tail and let me run!

Last night, they all colored Easter eggs while Bella and I played. They didn't let us color any or even eat them (but that's really OK. They didn't smell that good.)

We're getting ready to go to the lake again. Mom is starting to pack the lake boxes. She says as soon as the snow is gone, we can go.  I hope it's gone soon. I really like to play in it, but I'm getting kind of tired of it and am really ready to go swimming in the lake!

So, anyway. It was a good month. Between Mom and I, we wrote every day (I always have to help a little bit or she'd never write every day). I made a new friend, got to see my cousins, and it's almost time  for the lake!  I'll say good-bye for now from Mom and I.  Come back on Tuesday. One of us will be here!



  1. Chloe you are just too cute! It was a good month and it went so fast. I hope you are swimming in the lake soon. You know your mom is a gifted writer and teacher, right?

  2. Looking forward to hearing about adventures at the lake! Thanks for helping your mom! You both are very good writers.

  3. I still miss having a dog, Deb, & seeing Chloe makes me even more missing one! Happy to see you having fun with the family & that you're talking about going to the lake-hurrah! Time for shorts and flipflops & water! See you on Tuesdays!

  4. Thanks, Chloe, for sharing your writing talents with us this month. It sounds like you've had a good month and have more to look forward to.

  5. Chloe, you are such a good dog to pitch in and help your mom slice...or is that she is a great mom for allowing you to take over her blog every now and then...perhaps it is both! You are one happy dog and with all those adventures, I think I know why!

  6. Chloe, I can't believe you can just stop writing, just like that! Of course you will have to write again sometime soon. Everyone knows "once a writer always a writer" - especially blogdogs!

  7. I'm always a sucker for a letter from Chloe. Thankful to see her writing again!

  8. Chloe, you have a rich life to write about. I keep wondering what happened to the squirrel. Did you forgive and forget, because you have abundance of positive things filling your days? Have fun, and see/read you on some Tuesdays.